For Angela Torres, Juan Darthés is "a monster" – 12/15/2018


Angela Torres commented on the level of artistic environmental impairment awards, supported by Thelma Fardin and filed Juan Darthés – his former partner in "Simona" – being a "monster".

"Everything is strong, I worked all year round, my mother (Gloria Carrá) was in Ugly Duckling & # 39; and I was pretty close to Thelma at that time, she was a girl. It is a real vision and that is convicted (Darthés) and the face to go out and say that the things he says is to give me goats, "said Torres.

In conversation with Chismoses, from Net TV, her 20-year-old actress said she was Darthes children felt "tough" for children, but he said "Justice Justice must act and be fair once and for everyone." He was a "Emergency" and was a ", convicted him.

He was asked to work with Darthés in the striking children of Pol-ka in the middle of the skepticist of Chalu Rivero's complaint, Angela explained that he was "weird", although he was not time to consider it. "

"I had always had my thinking, but I had to save myself because this was the first time I was at the top of a card and my lake was in danger. He wants to take care of him. I always believed to Calu and now I am with Thelma. It was hard to record with it, everything was wrong and weird. I could tell a lot of things, but it's not the time, "he said.

Torres also disturbed the violence against women in the country and said he was "feeling" that it was a war. "

Torres Darthés's wolf Torres in the Pol-ka novel.

Torres Darthés's wolf Torres in the Pol-ka novel.

"Go to the marriages and see women hanging (as an art production) and see that men are going to" Oops, how strong … "And, yes! What they are doing for us. It is not bad to see him"closed.

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