For audiences without delay, security personnel are burned


On the evening of 19/11, LDBDVN has a meeting with CAHN representative, representatives of the executive board of the My Dinh National Park, a KTC security company to review the issues related to budgets between Vietnam and Tel Malaysia, 39; meeting, sent her; KTC security company into a security defender on the above mentioned duty to bring some tickets into the first half of the United States tickets.

Based on this employee's report, KTC has come to a decision that it will be rejected. On the basis of valuation of objectives and overall, BTC has shown that the units that are the responsibility of the agency have been going to; make great efforts and work related to security and safety in the Vietnam-Malaysia game. The game is better than before. KTC employee breakdown is caused by a breach, not organized. BTC has asked the units to propagate and strengthen guidance to strengthen control, and # 39; avoiding the revival of the past, which influenced BTC's reputation as well as its own units.

Many spectators do not have tickets to "dance" in My Dinh

In terms of the security and safety of the next games held in Vietnam under the AZ Suzuki Cup 2018 framework, CAHN's representative said they would report to the Board of Directors for better steps. For a game between Vietnam and Cambodia on 24 November 1818 at the Hang Dau-Ha Noi stadium, CAHN will arrange inspectors to take away the dangerous things carried by the listeners, and there are steps in using telephone calls, leaflets and signage to support the audience on the right door, the podium.

BTC also advised the audience to go to the stadium early (for the games that took place at the stadium at My Dinh from 120 minutes, the game Hang Dieu Stadium from 90 minutes) and cooperating with the security forces to make the procedures to avoid concentration locally, affecting the interests of the audience; At the same time, call the audience to a civic, safe, fireplace, which affects Vietnam team and Vietnam football.

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