For bronchitis, the New York state has called an emergency situation


Local government officers believe that the ban on transferring without delay in public places will alert parents to the seriousness of the situation, said the AP.

"It is clearly an attempt to address this problem," said Ed Day, president of local government, who hopes that this will halt the fruitless movement of infectious diseases. T . There have been 150 cases of measles in the last autumn. The beginning of the disease has had a particular effect on local communities of Orthox Jews, where immunization rates are often lower.

On a evidence basis, which should be valid for at least 30 days, no person under 18 who has not been immunized in the public areas has access to it. The ban should be to include shopping centers, schools and restaurants.

Although up to six months in prison may be punished for breaking this rule, the local government chief said the area would not be effective.

“We will not take this action actively, and security forces will not have to verify their vaccination cards. But that was absurd, "said Latha." But he said that parents who are breaking this rule may "be affected by law".

Michael Sussman, the solicitor who represents parents 44 of local children who had not been immunized, said he would consider the application in allowing a legal case.

"It's uncommon. They want to punish those who are ill, rather than cracked down," said Sussman.

Rockland County is currently investigating the latest epidemic of New York since 2000, when the disease was officially declared in the United States. According to experts, there is a need for immunization in 92-95 per cent to prevent measles. In Rockland, where there are about 300,000 residents, only 72.9% of people under 18 are currently immunized against measles.

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