For continuing diseases, the structure of corporate activity praises order order


Millions of people with continuous illnesses should benefit regularly from appropriate physical activity programs, based on order, saying experts.

For the population of chronic disease patients (cancer, The the sugar, The AVC, depression, osteoarthritis heart attack, etc.), the aim is to avoid, according to its & # 39; case, hospital, recurrences, or even increase their survival or just by reducing frequency de signs (Thecurly), pain (Theosteoarthritis low), in a short time to improve life quality.

«An activity corporate to be ordered regularly and as early as possible in caretaker " Praise, in relation to the sustained diseases that were examined, A group of experts gathered together with Inserm. Their work of "general knowledge" with recommendations (in total, 805 pages), which was announced by the Sports Ministry, was released on 14 February.

Experts also have that suggestion "Physical activities are prescribed – before drug treatment is done – for medium to medium diminution, type 2 diabetes (the most common, ed), anobesity ", and thearteritis they cas.

Millions of people involved

We know that praise should be recommended regularlyphysical activity suitable for people with continuous illness. However, "To say", so some physical activity "not enough"says Béatrice Fervers, an expert in cancer in Lyon. The experts recommend to & # 39; Developing partnerships with leisure organizations (sports federations, clubs, societies, etc.) to support patients.

In cartography, "For the cost after that, only 30% of eligible patients are brought to rehabilitation centers (training to exercise) to benefit from enhanced programs, lamenting Thibaut Guiraud. We do not have space, structures restricted secondary (when the disease emerged, Ed) is an excellent eye », AFP indicates this expert on & # 39; cardiovascular chapter. So, I intend to develop more light structures, as well as centers.

Rehabilitation of friends based onphysical activity a 30% reduction in cardiovascular dying, 26% of total mortality and a 31% reduction in risk reopened, according to the report. "By getting older and longerlife expectancy, the number of people with one or more continuous diseases continues to grow, they note. They belong to 20 million people and more at risk. Accidents that are accustomed to harmful customs (food waste, unmarried lifestyle, smoking …).

For the breast cancerAccording to surveys of several hundred thousand patients, physical activity results in a reduction of around 40% in general dying, 30-35% in a special death (related to dying cancerand 25 to 30% of the recycling hazard and the same numbers are for collar cancer, according to Dr. Fervers. "All of our arguments are today to pay back" These personalized personalized orders of physical activity, describing one of the experts, Grégory Ninot. "Make the decision makers to find the best solutions."

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