For everyone who wants to move, there are 2.5 people who want to move to another network


Telecommunications Department (Ministry of Information and Communications) recently published statistics related to the situation used by Portable Number Mobile (MNP) of Vietnamese operators at the time of the test from 16 November / 2018 to 13th February, 2019.

According to this data, there are up to 25,587 Mobifone registered subscribers, but 9,940 subscribers want to move, which means that the subscribers level is 2.5 times higher than the number of subscribers wishing to move. At the same time, with Viettel and Vinaphone, the number of supporters is larger than those who want to move.

Another special point in this data page is that Mobifone has refused to convert networks to many subscribers, and make a transitory level to & # 39; This is successful only 23.09%, much lower than the number of Biettel (83.56%) or Vinaphone (68.28%).

From 13 February, considering the four transporters that had been Participating in the network, the number of Vietnamobile fans continued to change networks is the most successful, just over 6.5% and MobiFone 23.09% thereafter. Viettel is the carrier with the highest number of writers with 27,941 subscribers and VinaPhone is the content behaviors with 24,626 subscribers.

Especially with the Global Mobile Telecom (Gmobile) Compatible Stock Company, the unit that does not. participating in a digital network translation service, some experts believe that Gmobile may be worried about the problem after the digital sim. Beusach, consumers will have ways to move to other networks that are causing a decline in the & # 39; market. At the same time, there are also comments that the purpose of technical problems is that Gmobile is not able to invest in an attractive network system that keeps the number of this trip.

According to the Ministry of Information and Communications, by the end of October 2018, there are about 130 million mobile subscribers in Vietnam, with only payment payers only 6 million (5%). Therefore, there are over 120 million mobile subscribers who can implement the same network delivery policy.

However, in accordance with the rules, enterprises have the right to change networks with supporters with sensitive reporting information, and # 39; complaining about or using services or a & # 39; contract breaks. post has moved …

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