For Slovenia, Argentineans will be a Slovenian-based and video-based game


As every year, some of the best tennis players have gathered at this final event this year. Among them are the best Slovakian actors Dalila Jakupović and Aljaž Bedene. One of the most prominent tennis players, Kaja Juvan, was also present. In the Davis Cup, promises are committed to us, but captain Miha Mlakar has announced a new win in the team.

Before a closing event in Ljubljana, there was also a news conference where the athletes went ahead of the media Dalila Jakupović there Anda JuvanBoth of them have already confirmed that they will play for the national team of Slovenia in the # 39; Fupa Cup next season.

He has a good value from his father

She was very exciting at this year Dalila Jakupović, who has made special tennis shows and so far the 69th place during the season, and the expectations of progress are also at production level. "The most important thing is that we understand each other, and hereby I think the results will come in. We understand each other well with the girls and captain, "she said at this time the 80th player of the world, who got a special jump on her. father.

Dalila Jakupović


How successful our actor is on to & # 39; Most of the cities are among everyone

Kaja Juvan and Marko Umberger, president of the Tennis Association

Kaja Juvan and Marko Umberger, president of the Tennis Association
Photograph: Vid Ponikvar / Sportida

Juana hopes he will not stop

Anda Juvan She was the children's tennis departments, where she won some of the most important competitions. This year it was again a proof of the WTA. That's where it has been boosted to 381 places. Only Ljubljana's 18-year-old woman is now in 174 places and, as she said, this year she is sent by youngsters. It should be noted that Juvan won two gold medals at the Olympics Youth Games.

"I hope I will take a step forward, and I'm upset by last year's youth." The games were really good and I hope that I will take a longer degree in their membership contest, "said Kaja, who believes that her sporting path is particularly special.

It will also be a change to us in the Davis Cup

For the girls, the platform was taken over by a male team. Miha Mlakar, skipper of the national team of Slovenia in the Davis Cup, said that the Argentineans of Slovakian landslides would join the Slovenian team. And in a lower election, changes in the Davis Cup are also promising.

"This year we have been in contact with the Slovenese Argentineans. This is Tomaž Lipovšek Puches, who is a specialist for her friend and also has a Slovenian travel permit."
Photograph: Sportida

"The most promising changes are at the highest level, but there are also changes in our company. The main thing is that we will only make one game throughout the year. In February, we'll drag and just then we'll see it April or September and we will play at least at home or not. With impact or impact, we can make one higher or lower level, "said Mlakar, who showed another important secret.

"This year, we have been in contact with the Argentinean Slovenes: Tomaž Lipovšek Puches, who is a specialist for two and Slovenian travel passengers, and agrees that he will be a & Played in the Davis Cup the following year, "he said. Captains, who believe Davis Cup can not just make a double link on the screen.

Bedene hopes he will learn something from here

Aljaž Bedene

Photograph: Vid Ponikvar / Sportida

Aljaz Bedene was the player ab & # 39; Better season in this season. When he got into himself, he had several ups and downs in the season. "On the sand, my favorite thing was, I expected a little more. My time dropped to me until I got the first set and that I would have lost and finally lost. It happened and I hope "I want to choose the sorts of games in the next season, and # 39 , so that he gets higher, "he said, the best tennis player, who has recently made an eye attack.

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