For the MP to scratch the film, the depute headteacher encouraged the security service to be removed


LJUBLJANA – At the wonderful session of the National Assembly today, who is proposing a proposal for a global settlement agreement on migration, he started. Member of the SMC Jani Möderndorfer He wanted, "Where all this is coming from electors to come from people." He agreed with a MP to be challenging about the content of the UN immigration agreement, saying that he was equal to legal and illegal immigration, and when Sophia According to the agreement, Sweden lost its dominance of immigration policy.

Janez Janša was sorry?

"It's not incredible to lie down, especially if you are a representative of the people," the former SMC criticized the challenging elections. "Lord Grims, Mr Prince of Darkness, and everyone else, in fact, is not a foundation, because I do not know what we are doing here, "he told the depute headteacher and head the SDS. The recommendation of the meeting advised that there was no basis for the decision on this topic.
"Sorry, you have previously asked in your suggestion that you do not talk about anyone who has forgotten it. And I want you to consider what you ask for others, and to include an excuse for the ones you are so sorry. If not, I'll take away your word, "the former president of the National Conference took hold him Jože TankoSouth Westerly
SMC Member asked that the Deputy President will give him what he said he was not at all. "Let us know for the second time." Tanko explained that the sentence was "Prince of Darkness". "Indeed: Who is The Prince of Darkness here? I do not know what you are thinking about," defended the MP.

Death session longer

As Möderndorfer wanted to continue the debate, Tanko brought out a memorial. "Thank you, anything else I expect," he answered briefly. At that time, a member of the SDS gave him another warning. "And what now?" SMC asked him. He responded ill that he would now take his word away. "If you stop the session, I'll take you away," he said.

As Möderndorfer continued to speak, Tanko gave his work (security, service) to be removed from the meeting. As MP did not answer this, the Deputy President stopped his meeting and met a meeting of vice-directors' directors. It has been suspended for a long time.

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