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"This is a pain that can not be done, I can not sit down and listen to all the people who call Hou Youyi to be elected!" Zheng Nanxi, Taiwan's daughter of independence and freedom of speech and self-sufficiency, Zheng Zumei, a girl who was just 9 years old, appeared to her daughter. First time in the Xindian Area of ​​Senior Seaman of the Democratic Republic of Su Shichang. Her father was to stop the police officers at her. most of that year. She just wanted to ask Hou Youyi "how to look at the Zheng Nanxuan event that year."

Naughty Zheng Nanxuan

▲ Su Shichang Souvenir! The secret guest "daughter Zheng Nanxuan," said Zheng Zhumei on the stage.

Here's the story about Zheng Zhumei's first election event to talk to his father. In her language without passion, words are move: "As last week, I can not sit down and listen to everyone who is calling Hou Youyi to be elected. I can not do anything. I need to apologize to my family. Address it like this. "

Su Shichang's new story situation

▲ Su Shichang was warmly welcomed and supported in the Xindian area. (Su Shichang's photos / offices are supplied)

Kuomintang is called justice to arrest hundreds of police officers to disagree disputes. Zheng Zhumei said: I do not want to send it; great policemen of that year. Instead, I thank them for bringing their age 9 to the scene. But I want to ask how Mr Hou Youyi saw the Zheng Nanxuan event. that year? Do you still want to force her & # 39; home on rescues or arrested? When you say that you work on the line, when you need to work and work with your freedom of speech, how do you choose? This is what I want to ask.

Su Shichang's new story situation

▲ With the help of the people at the time, Su Shichang will try to & # 39; best to answer with high hands. (Su Shichang's photos / offices are supplied)

Zheng Zhumei reminded people who chose Hou Youyi. He was represented by the National Party of China in the election. Did you think of the 1989 event? If it's still selected, what kind of message this brings to the outside world, is taken to China, and bring it to the international community, will we want to support its justice again ? Is there a crime in a town about violence to arrest the head of a publishing house? After being saved from a 9-year-old boy, he was taken to Zhongshan branch. I can not meet my parents all night. This is not an explanation that can explain life.

Now Hou Youyi wants to come out to vote, Zheng Zhumei said: I want to find out what Hou Youyi saw in the past in 2018. "The Right to voters to find out how you are thinking about the past and know what kind of future we have. "

Su Shichang's new story situation

▲ The new party started in a large number of supporters. (Su Shichang's photos / offices are supplied)

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