For those reasons, WhatsApp could close your life account


The company immediately sent new policies to their favorite applications. Now WhatsApp can restrict the user's profile over time or permanently without prior notice.

Those who are allowed to get out will be found because when they arrive at the app, they show a signal that says: Our phone number is not allowed to use our service. Contact support to get help. These accounts are no longer available and can not know.

The reasons that triggered its & # 39; The company has removed the accounts to engage in "unreasonable or unlawful behavior, including fraud", as well as to "#; fight with hidden ads and spam. Likewise, he retains the right to work against consumers who "encourage or encourage" illegal or unsuitable behavior such as "promoting violent actions ", insert" illegal communication "or" persistent "invasion behavior from the racial or racial place." ethnicity. "

Also, I included the add-ons, which are applications that allow you to modify WhatsApp. Discipline is only related to those that are not official, which can, for example, change the color or keyboard. On the other hand, users who use their messenger service for sale, recycling, rent or expense and virus code or computer can be punished.

From the claim they consider that some behaviors do not accurately correct the control of what some users use; blocked for a certain time. Frequencies are usually 24 hours and later the user can use the application without difficulties.

Hundreds of users have been notified in relation to the objection of the application. To resolve this problem you must send an email to WhatsApp question: [email protected] However, the company decides to suspend its decision.

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