For Venezuela: describing the popular Virgin Records


(ANSA) – The Englishman Richard Branson, who founded the logo Virgin and drive the statement & # 39;Venezuela Aid live, dh & # 39; These Sunday doors opened to grants for the people of South America, through social networking messages.

The aim of the project, which will be announced at the end of the week with Branson, to be upgraded to the same level, Colombia and Venezuela border, a score of artists and celebrities to stimulate the goal of promoting 100 million dollars.

The money, according to English, will be added to the humanitarian support of a number of countries of the Venezuelan collection that are built in economic and social crisis. "We'll make sure that 100 per cent of the amount you go to the right place," Branson promised promised Sunday's message, Invite donors to go to the event's website, which has the same name as the campaign. .

The statement will be held on Friday, February 22, on the border line distributed by Colombia and Venezuela. It will be a day before the date sent by Juan Guaid, the Venezuelan president of suicide, to store his constant support in Ccuta over his country and ask himself.

The two calls, and the idea of ​​going over the & # 39; food, medication and other emergencies is a challenge against the government of Nicols Maduro, who warned not to permit non-domestic, non-purchase materials. The list of artists that are presented in the recital for a sum of joy now.

The only people who have participated so far are the Nacho and Ricardo Montaner Venezuelans, as well as the well-known celebrity Lele Pons. "We will be taking Venezuela into this moment and the importance of living," said Montaner in a message that was published today, also on social networks, which warned that he will be with a number of colleagues "in a reason that is more than right." "Please do it on 22 February in Ctaa, Colombia," he sent the singer, who asked " Venezuela itself "and" all with Venezuela ".

Ten years ago, Colombian singer-songwriter, Juanes, made a similar statement with several of his friends, including the Spaniards Alejandro Saenz and Carlos Vives, who are more than a bit-tired, but with another aim: ; express the bellicose nimes between the two countries. Under the name "Unlimited Peace", the musician has joined a number of his colleagues and thousands of people, without different donations to play music in a environment that is Concerning the boundaries and allegations between Caracas and Bogota, which I was looking at a threat.

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