For women … 4 changes if you find that your body shows your hormone imbalance


There are many tests to make hormonal problems in women. This interaction is related to the five hormones in a woman's body – estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, estradiol, and testosterone.

These hormones, according to the "health24" site, are essential for health and help to maintain the hormonal balance, as the hormone imbalance can affect health and so the tests are related to it Analysis of the impact of these hormones on body.

Signs showing hormonal imbalance

Increase stress

One of the most important test areas, a high level of cortisol, a hormone of striving, can lead to unsuccessful blood sugar, the high degree of estrogen may be a; preventing thyroid activity, and continuing to get pressure.

Due to the high level of testosterone associated with polycystic ovary syndrome, which can make it very difficult to lose weight, the weight gain may result.


They occur due to a high degree or even a cortisol that is a? impact on sleeping, as there is a reduction in estradiol levels. Over a period of time, some women who experience unhealthy sleeping night and sleep problems that are often symptoms of hormonal imbalance.


The problem and the problem that deal with difficult situations are some symptoms of hormonal imbalance women, and this can cause many reasons.

Bone ring

Which is one of the hormonal imbalance symptoms in the body, and # 39; helps testosterone and estradiol in the bone build, and on the other hand increase the degree of cortisol for bone breaking, preventing bone build in testosterone.

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