Ford F-150: the best vehicle in the world


At first time it was used by farmers in the field or contractors that had been in the first place. freight transportation.

But handhelds nowadays are no longer a toolbar to be the result of a great deal that runs through the streets and roads of developed countries and economies that are going on. emerging.

It is not surprising that the Ford F series and their favorite models are not the best vehicle in the world: building Ford F-150.

In the first half of 2018 Ford did not sell 534,827 units worldwide, 3% more than the same period of the previous year, according to data from the company JATO Dynamics analytical survey, which examined to 56 markets internationally.

And in 2017 over 1,000 million vehicles were sold, and most of them went to the US market, guide the route for more than four decades.

Why is the best sale?

The series Ford F It was one of the first searches that emerged in the US market after World War II, with a more comfortable design than those known to that time.

"He gave an early entry to the market and provided innovative features," telling BBC M. Berk Talay, a professor of marketing at Massachusetts University of Lowell.

Over time it has been to achieve 13 generations, a level of optimization is much quicker than that; the rest of the competitors.

"That sustainable innovation has helped to keep the F-150 in the market," adding Talay to it.

Nissan and Toyota have been trying to improve the pickup market, but it was not easy for them, even to think that the average value of F-150 is about US $ 47,000.

Since it came to market in 1975, the F-150 was a? becoming popular, as consumers chose More vehicles.

"We could say that the F-150 is a symbol of that move," said the researcher.

Not to look at it from another perspective, it can also be said that this truck "is a system of the success of American car manufacturers to verify consumers that they need larger vehicles. "

What does he say about users?

Given that around 80% of the F-150 is sold in North America (especially the United States), it will analyze the largest users of their vehicles; We have bought it in the world directly to look at an American society.

In that country, more than half of the sales are related to trucks or SUVs (known as SUVs, or sports facilities vehicles), which have been popular among families with several children.

That market has grown considerably in the world's largest economy, because gasoline prices are lower compared to other countries, lower taxes and urban networks are increasing; leaving them a room for distribution.

The problem is that this type of vehicle is causing more environmental pollution The models of smaller dimensions are the reason why the expansion of the sale that means a risk.

"Consumers prefer a personal resource for environmental or long-term costs," said Talay.

There is an important proportion of customers living in rural or rural areas. These include middle-class families and small or medium sized companies.

Although the last few years, heraldry has added more herbal features to take part in section power to buy more.

"As the time goes over, it is likely that the number of people who buy truck will increase for purposes that are longer than needed," said Talay.

More attractive

In fact, the F-150s are designed for passenger safety, including a second seat, bluetooth connection, single sound or leather cover.

Team successes and off-road workers in the last few years have seen that some companies such as Ford reduce their shape of a sedan model.

This was confirmed in July this year, when Ford announced plans to stop making such cars in the United States.

The only modules have been invented to sell after 2020 a spectacular fun Mustang and a new version of Fòcas, which is closer to the SUV's output. in sedan.

Top rated worldwide, after the Ford F series Toyota Corolla (dreach sedan), Volkswagen Golf, Honda Civic and Toyota RAV4.

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