Ford had paved for technology to remove new car smells



Many people fear a new car smell

Ford Motor Co., one of the largest United States communication devices, has been submitted for a patent application for its four-vehicle passive medicine technology. New gear used.

According to Ford, their technology is only the user needs a car or suggestion to handle the smell of new cars in detail.

This is also Ford's latest attempt and is the first move in the equipment industry that meets the precise requirements and expectations of the four-wheeled carriages sold in the United States. domestic as well as abroad.

The recent Ford research department has shown that most Chinese market customers are uncomfortable with the special spell in their new cars.

"It's a small problem in internal smell and a new smell that is in the car but it is a problem that many car makers are interested in selling Chinese market .

The problem is just smelling behind the concerns about fuel costs. Ford moves as a step on the right road, "said Brent Gruber, a behavioral expert.


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