Ford is renaming gamma SUV in Europe: a 7-seat Plane will come


At the level of sales growth of SUV modules, the manufacturer in the USA is preparing for its & # 39; European market.

From year to year in Europe, customers' interest for SUV / crossover vehicles has a caring interest, and thus a market department of this type of vehicle came in 2018 to 35% of four-wheeler sales.

Ford is taking a step forward with this move and plans to rebuild plans on the SUV model.

The best Ford SUV is in the Kuga European market. In 2018, 153,542 copies of this model were delivered to customers. In the background, the joint EcoSport, which reached 111,856 new addresses in the last year, with a 78% growth compared to 2017.

On the other hand, the Ford Edge was sold almost 9,527 copies, with a 41% decline annually.

So, the American maker expects to replace Edge in Europe with a new 7-seat memorandum.

In addition, there is also a generation of a regular Ford Kuga with a 5 seat layout, and the person who is also promoting EcoSport.

In addition to these modules, Ford published that another SUV was launched, which has not been signed up to date, so it's an exciting year ahead of its first European perspective. of the new Ford SUV vehicle.

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