Ford is trying to get rid of a new smell


New & new car smell & # 39; to be an integral part of the purchase process for UK and American merchants, but it is recognized that Chinese customers do not; They enjoy how big Ford has submitted a patent application to eliminate or reduce.

New automotive companies (VOCs) come from plastic, leather and vinyl in a new car, as well as adhesives, glass cleaning and sealants, which are caused by a new car smelter. used in the manufacturing process.

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Heat can be accelerated by removing those VOCs – and by expanding the reduction of new smell on cars -. To take advantage of this, Ford & # 39; Celtic Celts' patent & # 39; Describing a system that's a n; VOC levels are automatically automated after a new car has been purchased.

If they exceed pre-ordered restriction, they will receive a & # 39; car automatically moving to a sunny place, open your windows and run the rescue and the air to clear the smell.

Ford received a team of 18 smell assessors last July, with the experts based in the Nanjing and China company search engine in China. Gold & & nbsp; a & n; 300 tests per annum, which quantifies how much & # 39; It's so unpleasant and the materials are used in a car.

Debbie Mielewski, a senior tech director in Ford's sustainability materials, told Detroit Free Press: "Although new car smell is translated into American culture, we know that Chinese customers This scent has resulted in years of research and there is only one idea that we are considering to use in the future. "

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