Ford Ranchero: this was the "anti-Toro" built-in to Argentina


Ford would be working on a pickup development less than the Ranger to compete in the part Fiat Toro and Renault Duster Oroch, and what the future will be taking part too Volkswagen Tarek (it will arrive in 2019).

According to Top Speed, the apple mark plans to do in Brazil and commercialize it in different markets in mainland. It is not reinforced, but if this model comes true, it would not be unreasonable to convey it into the traditions of the country.

Currently, Ford is not in the local market; only participating in the mid-section between the elections (by the Ranger) and just announces that from 2019 Return to the largest by launching the F-150, competing with the Ram.

If this horizontal "sub-middle" flat is accessing output level and its # 39; coming to the country, a egg marker to describe almost every section of the constructionexcept in the least. He spent a year ago with his Chourier, now stopped, but no plans to return to that area.

The highest Luas maintains that the "anti Toro" is new; built Ranchero can be cited, a type used for the Falcon built in that Ford that was made in Argentina between 1973 and 1991.

On the other hand it would be inspired by the Focus of Europe, a model that would take the stage. The picture that shows this note is just an unofficial designing picture that is displayed; Expected as to look at the outside.

Out of the vehicle, there is no information, although it would be & # 39; Some of the engines that already offer a European Focus in different markets, such as 1.5 and 2.0 liter gasoline (both turbo) and up to one diesel. Some of the drafts, apart from that, would be a 4×4 drag.

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