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The foreign media, MSPoweruser, have chosen the best games of their favorite games since 2018. Due to the great work in 2018, many of the console platforms and PCs have chosen many special jobs. Foreign media selection The MSP has a final game of the year, but each of the winning prizes has chosen two highly successful production events, and the participating games have a great deal of time; crossing main platforms.


Chooled by editor Connor Makar (@neato_makar)

Flag of the Year MSP Game

"Nintendo Star Fighting Special Edition" (NS)

Dragon Ball Fighter Z (Xbox One / PS4 / PC / NS)

In the election of a fighting match, both games are very good, and both games are completely complete in terms of development. Both games are very good from a fight. However, the great chaos of the game is more interesting. In addition to the unsatisfactory quality of its & cyber war, the chaos is much better. In addition, there is an illegal feeling of "Dragon Ball Warrior Z" and the original revival of its first perfect animation.

The MSP's best replay game of the year

"Sparrow Dragon Beag: Rekindling Problem" (Xbox One / PS4)

Remake "Wanda and Colossus" (PS4)

Activision's "Little Dragon Sparrow: Rekindling Trilogy" is one of the best things in this year, not just a & # 39; incorporating the meaning of its PS game is fundamental, but it also features; Making very good improvements to the play, the right Restart image to make the game look like a dreamer.

The new version of "Wanda and Colossus" Bluepoint doubles the huge and spectacular habitat of PS2's great PSD image. This word is suitable for reporting to & # 39; game.

MSP Riddle Games / MSP Strategy of the Year

Tetris Impact (PS4)

Pit People (PC)

"Tetris Effect" is a link between sound and Tetris, and a review of the long history of Tetris. Not only is the image a & # 39; The game is increasingly bad, and the soundtrack is extremely good.

"Pit Man" is a Chess RPG game that is based on turning back again. The cartoon style is full of great play and a great game, and a great strategy game over the centuries.

Best Match of the Year Match

"Nintendo Star Fighting Special Edition" (NS)

"Japan Marathon" (Xbox One / PS4 / PC)

More than 72 campaigners are involved in the new battle, 100 levels, enough close method, and even supporting eight people in chaos. What else can be & # 39; Increase (destroying) friends' s feelings not to & # 39; play in the lounge?

The "Japanese Marathon" is won by its & # 39; funny and as impressive as it is, and it's not easy to play and its stunning style.

MSP's Best of the Year World Match

Wilderness: Reduction 2 (Xbox One / PS4)

Spiderman (PS4)

R Star offers "The Wilderness: The Redemptioner 2: World Open Open is an amazing, informative and unique visual knowledge.

PS4's new "Spider-Man" work, although not as good as propaganda, created New York City for free climbing, and Insomniac Games also launched hunting elements.

Game of the Year Game Report

"God of War" is the simplest character in the eyes of foreign media. Kratos has been a quiet and warm old-fashioned father since the time of a split war. By adding to Atreus a & # 39; makes his father and son feelings running through the incredible battle. The visual expression of visualization is ultimately strengthen its & # 39; game.

The "Spider-Man" at Insomniac broke the tight and well-known script and recalled the story about Peter Parker and the criminals from a new perspective.

Best Regiment Match of the Year

Big race: Horizon 4 (XBox One / Windows 10)

Onrush (Xbox One / PS4 / PC)

"Racing Extreme: Horizon 4" is a formal racing game, whether it's an open open view, beautiful scenery of the four seasons, or a huge race gathering, "Fortune Racing: Horizon 4" New line for Horizon sequences and racing games.

"Onrush" is another racing game that connects to play & # 39; fighting in battle. Each car has different circumstances and features and can release a large shift. Very good and fun.

BPA Best Action Fighting of the Year Action Game

"如 龙: 极 2"

"The People in the North"

Best Time of the Year Action Game

Niall: Hell Wallace, God of War

Indie Game of the Best Year

Death Cell, Haunted Island: Frog Tracker

"Haunted Island suggestion: burning praise" can refer to it


ASH Editor's MSP Game Award – "diary of different 5"

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