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Original title: Foreign media: the Feachdail Reserve gave a strong signal to prevent interest rates

Information Network News on January 6 said the foreign media has said that the Secretary of the World Army Reserve Jerome Powell spoke to her 4th to try to reduce the concerns of financial market. He said, despite the stability of the US economy, deer is very aware of the dangers invested by investors and will be patient in the & creating a funding policy 2019.

According to Reuters reported on January 4, after a worldwide relationship market and how the stock market changed for several months, Powell said in a speech that the Deer will accept flexible flexibility in a & # 39; determining the reasonable level in the future to enable the sustainable economic data and a series of orders. Unsatisfactory dangers of the investors, including global economic downturn and trade concerns.

In a speech by the American Economic Society, Powell said: "In particular, we found that the inflation is very low, and we will be careful to see how the economy will grow." He also said that the Deer is not Suggested to raise levels of interest and & # 39; suggest it might be like In 2016, we stopped the tightening policy. "We are ready to change our policy situation and make major changes when needed."

The report said that this is a soft message that audiences want to hear, after they have been worried that the Deer is planning to raise levels of interest higher when unemployment rates at historically low, and fear that this move can be & # 39; affect future inflation.

Following the Powell lecture, the United States stock index record rose. The Treasury results have also risen.


Powell said he would not retire

The report said that the Powell trip to Atlanta was the first appearance since the uptake was an interest in December 2018 and Trump's President of Scotland's public attack. According to reports, Trump asked the helper if his / her; He should have sent the chairman of the Deer away.

When asked if Trump wanted to retire, whether Powell did so, Powell answered short, "No"

The report states that the recent market crash has caused the Impacts into a problem, including its strong economic data; including the strong business report in December 2018, and the signs that a financial market reflects the loss of investors' confidence in the US economic perspective. It is hard.

Including the flat level hike in December to & # 39; That year, the deer raised levels of interest four times in 2018. At that time, policy makers expected to raise levels of interest twice by 2019. However, due to concerns about global economic dragging and the war Sino-SA is unresolved, most of the markets have suffered a severe downturn since October 2018.

Associated Press is said on January 4, Powell's Chairman of the Powell said on May 4 that he could resign his office, he will not do so. He is willing to be patient when he is at ease; decide when to raise interest rates.

These two bids have supported stock market investors, who are worried about Trump rehabilitation on the well-chosen "head" and the likelihood of a permanent recruitment rate the Deer.

Powell said: "For policy, there is no way to settle it in advance. As we see the data on moderate inflation, we will continue with patients and monitor the economic development."

According to the report, the private sector economics believe that Powell's views are a strong indication that the Deer, who was left in December 2018, would be able to do so; raising levels of interest twice in 2019, deciding to stop raising interest levels within a few months.

Global stocks rise with the dollar

Sun Shengyuan, the chief economist of SS Economic Consulting, said: "Commenting on the statement made by the chairman of the Deer on 4th, I believe that he will only raise interest rates at one time and not Even raising interest rates. Powell is sure to try to stretch the market. "

Agence France-Presse also said on January 4 that global stock markets rose on the same day while the dollar collapsed. Earlier, Powell's Chairman of Deer said that the Deer would not think about the raising levels of interest again.

Powell said that the Deer's "pre-specific" plans do not have levels of interest and patiently seek to see how the economy will grow before they take any action.

According to the report, these words show that the deer path has changed significantly from the previous one. Earlier, the Vine said he would keep raising interest rates. Powell said that the financial market is worried about the slowdown in the US and Chinese economic growth.

According to reports, many investors have been worried about the global economy in the past weeks. Recently, many stock markets have fallen and corporate confidence has fallen. Many companies will confirm that the request will be & # 39; pulled in 2019 and the laws are weak.

Powell said the "Deer" is ready to change its policies quickly and flexibly "to support the economy.

These words have caused US and European stock markets to grow significantly. US and European stock markets have already arisen due to labor related data. According to statistics, regardless of employment opportunities, the US economy remains healthy.

According to the report, in December 2018, the United States added 312,000 jobs. And salary has risen steadily, with an annual increase of 3.2%.

Chris Beecham, leading market inspector at IG, an online trading platform said: "A series of robust jobs and a comfortable talk with the FED chairman will want to change their stock market . "

In the morning of the 4th, Dow Jones, the S & P 500 and the Nasdaq Maritime Index increased by over 3% at a time.

In Europe, Frankfurt's stock market rises to 3.4%. Ultimately, the Paris stock market rises 2.7%, while London stock market rises 2.2%.

A majority of Asian stock markets rose due to good information from China.

According to the report, an important Chinese production survey demonstrates that data related to China's manufacturing arose slightly in December 2018, opposing critics who expected China's decline in decline.

At the same time, Bank People of China has also taken steps to stimulate the economy. It allows individual commercial banks to spend more of their money on loan.

Analysts say it is expected that the conflict in the Sino-SA trade war will be easier, which is also the case. supporting the stock market.

Profile picture: The US Army Reserve Powell, who speaks at a news conference. Liu Jie, journalist Xinhua News Executive GroupProfile picture: The US Army Reserve Powell, who speaks at a news conference. Liu Jie, journalist Xinhua News Executive Group

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