Form the Cherry blossom community in the newspaper Lat Lathan – Dan


On November 21, Dalat Flower Garden (Lam Dong), the ritual was shaped 125 Japanese silk flowers. This is the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan, which marks the 125th anniversary of the creation and development of Da Lat.

Thus, 125 Japanese flowering plants were added (100 branches were given by the Flower Himeji-Japan Trading Company and 25 trees were given by the Ten Flower Valley & # 39;); describes about 2.2 m Located on Hill International, in Da Lat Flower Garden, near Loch Xuan Huong Romance. When the trees are rooted and their; The development of the new land, they will season the same season with Da Lat cherry blossom, a & # 39; The crowds make flowers of flowers on the flowers.

Heads of Lam Dong, Da Lat City and Japanese Departments will support spoil blossoms at the service.

Himeji Shape Trading Company (Japan), is the person who supports the warmth of cereals for Da Lat city, JICA Japan's operating unit. Eiichi Shibayama, Director of the Commercial Himeji Trading Company, said: "We have been working in Dalat for three years and we appreciate this beautiful home. We are happy to be able to Create a post in Dalat. Today, the cherry trees that we grow together will surely grow many beautiful waves, making the town more likely and the relationship Vietnam and Japan also grow in many respects and persistent.

Previously, Dalat City has been successful in adding Japanese silk flavor. Bui Van Sang, proprietor of the Valley of the Ten Commandments (Ward 4, Da Lat City), where he investigated and carved Japanese cherry trees, said during care. At Cherry Lat's apricot trees, Japanese cherry flower trees have change to Dalat's climate and well developed, many trees have grown.

Together with these places, Japanese cherry trees were also added and sent thousands of trees at Hoa Son's tourist site, on Ta Nung Pass, Da Lat City. In spring 2017, many trees have become warm, and the destination is attractive to tourists.

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