Formal reception Promotion "I was so sad with my eyes"


[사진 SBS '집사부일체']

[사진 SBS ‘집사부일체’]

Lee Soo – hwa said that he had had a plastic surgery in the entertaining program.

Lee Sang-hwa, who appeared on SBS & Deaconess of the Deacons, responded On the 10th, "I was a little blind" in the words "I was so beautiful".

Lee Sanghwa said, "My eyes are so tired because it's a physical activity in physical activity."

Lee stressed, "I'm really handsome," and Lee smiled, saying, "It's not bad."

[사진 SBS '집사부일체']

[사진 SBS ‘집사부일체’]

Lee Sang-hwa said, "I want to stand in the attachment as long as possible. I have not stopped retiring yet, and I'm doing something best for my knee revival training. "

Lee Sang-hwa also said: "I want to take 100 points out of 100 because I have accomplished my goals in my career. Although I did not win a gold medal in the Olympics, I am grateful that I won a silver coin. I think it's that for me. "

On the other hand, broadcasting rates were 8.0% across the country (7.4% for their first part and 8.5% for the second part). Up 6.6 per cent from 6.6 per cent last week.

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