Former Eximbank appellate for 264 billion dollars rescues & # 39; transit & # 39;


On November 22, the People's Court was a Ho Chi Minh City (32 year old) and five co-workers as former staff of the Joint Stock Exchange Bank Victoria Export Import (HCM Eximbank Town Branch). Lack of responsibility for damaging the property of the State, organizations, organizations or enterprises Under Section 3 of Article 179 of the 2015 Marriage Code, the penalty is 5-10 years.

The guardians in court today. Photograph: United States.

The guardians in court today. Photograph: United States.

According to her conviction, Chu Thi Binh's savings came over 245 billion more and became a VIP user at the Ho Chi Minh City Eximbank branch. From 2014 to 2016, Le Nguyen Hung (branch deputy director) at the same level under several times to his Binh house to make a thermal arrangement.

Suspending on his trust, Hung used his wife's passport for her & her; His personal account and Visa Debit chart at the Eximbank HCMC branch, and its construction; paper Ms Binh allowed two more people to withdraw more than 245 VND billion billiards in 11 female giants.

Hung managers (cards and prosecutor) will be allowed, and & # 39; withdraw documents and money for breaking documentaries that money back from the account is not complete, and then money into the account is getting better. Accounting As a result, he supported another 19 billion from two other customers to buy $ 850,000.

Then Hung was used 152 billion to buy his finger at SJC Eximbank Ho Chi Minh City 41,853, and the rest is draw personal spending.

Ms Binh (right) and lawyer in court. Photograph: United States.

Ms Binh (right) and lawyer in court. Photograph: United States.

Ho Ngoc Thuy and 5 co-founders agreed to comply with the rules on the authorization, removal of documents and money, creating settings for Hunging & # 39; living in more than 264 billion of the bank.

In particular, Thuy gave 240 billion VND, and the remaining defenses were responsible for a 3-15 billion loss. The HCMC Eximbank Branch paid all money lost to Miss Binh with two clients.

The authorities will prove the guilty The ghost gave place to your place as set out in Article 139, Article 139, of the Penal Code. Since leaving, the handling of an international survey group has been arrested.

In today's court, Thuy, the survivors are all the bailiffs. Ms Binh came to court People with related interests and responsibilities, The HCMC Eximbank branch wounded the case.

The test will be held until November 23.

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