Former Fach chief of Fach with everything against Piñera's complaints: "I do not like to hit"


The head commander of the Chilean Air Force (FACh), Ricardo Ortega, criticized the questions that President Sebastián Piñera criticized the cost of the final rehabilitation of the army command order.

Last Tuesday in an interview with Radio Bío Bío, Piñera noted that "Air Ordnance change cost many times more than a change of President President (…) much of the cost, I'm worried and not going back again. "

On this statement, Ortega's statement, which was over FACh between 2006 and 2010, to the newspaper La Segunda "is considering this cost in the # 39; Budget and the planes do not come for a trip ".


In addition, he said "the President was seeing me when I delivered the FACh with more planes and did not tell anyone. Now he has been President for almost a year and if that number of a plane was disturbing it, he said eight months ago, look, I do not want to do this and the order carried out. "

Also, he has met other leaders in the headquarters of 15 days recently, saying "we were not happy at all. We're not left or right, but we see Do they want to be used for their tax and the combo. "

On the other hand, he referred to Minister of Defense Alberto Espina, saying he "tried to do his best. I do not think these attacks to start from it. "


Ortega told his tournaments again against her & # 39; President says "The Minister of Defense has tried to deny and put things in their right share. The president is head of Armed Forces commanders and has nothing to say that he does in the appropriate field, but these exhibitions of power make a crime to the country. "

Finally, he said "The President is a man who is very tied to the polling bills and when he or she falls two or two he is sore and we look for something that will make him back quickly. And he gives to the Armed Forces because they are not affected. It is not fair, I do not want to hit. "

It should be noted that FACh revealed that the final change of the station's order was $ 634,452, that is, $ 438,095,291.

Out of this figure, there were US $ 554,422, about $ 382,833,839, corresponding to the Air Media Employment, which considered 72 total aircraft.

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