Former Labor Department officials, Invalids and Social Issues will lose a blockage into the road "which will remove so much diagonal"


On November 21, Mr Hoang Van Chuong, Chairman of the Xuyen Cham District People's Committee (Cam Xuyen, Ha Tinh area) said the town has clarified and punished the person who drives his & her. ; a debris carrier in the middle of the road. unhealthy reason.

So after receiving information about a man who has a car CCTV drive: 38N-3479 a & # 39; carrying many rubbish bags in the Hoi bridge area (after Hoi market, Cam Xuyen town), they found The Cam Xuyen region has asked the authorities to clarify.

    An old employee of the Labor Department, Invalids and Social Affairs sends livestock to the road; So much cleaning of transit - Picture 1.

The plate contains an ear number plate for the purpose of finding and handling the easy.

The probation process showed that Mr Nguyen Quoc Tr. The person who killed the disaster. (group of 15 residents, Cam Xuyen, Cam Xuyen, Ha Tinh). After determining the clarification, Cam Xuyen Town Police has invited Mr Tr. head office to work.

After being clarified to & # 39; Abolition of badly causing non-water conditions on public streets, Chata Xan district authorities have ordered the order 155 to Nguyen Quoc Tr. with a fine of 3 million dong.

According to the contract of civilian office (Xuyen Township Campaign), working with the authorities, Mr Tr. Tell me he was moving out of the house and he had to leave the street. Mr Tr. Unfortunately, the use of trash spills is causing public health.

Mr Nguyen Van Nam – Head of Labor Department, Invalids and Social Affairs of the Cam Xuyen area, said he had information about this event. Mr Nam, Mr Tr. He was a member of the Labor, Invalid and Social Affairs, but retired in 2015. Mr Tr. to retire before he arrives.

    The old division of Labor Department and Privileges had to remove pollution to a clear road; Moving as much of a clip - Picture 2.

Mr Tr. Many of the rubbish are thrown into the road, many people are ill.

As previously reported, 19/11, security cameras were recorded to prevent someone driving a car to bring lots of pockets to the Hoi Cau area (after Hoi market, Cam Xuyen dance ) throwing in the middle of the road.

A clip of the event was then posted to Facebook's social network. Many people criticize this human activity as they do; damaging, not being aware of environmental protection.

Then Cam Xuyen Town leaders went on to clarify and deal with people who put this waste forward.

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