Former President Kalla: Dengue's Feather Not Picky, My Grandparents Also Affect


JAKARTA, – Deputy Chief Executive Jusuf Kalla asked all active parties to prevent the discharge of dengue illness that began to spread in various areas.

He asked the public and central and regional government agencies to be able to; Immediate action to prevent the spread of the disease.

Kalla said, when he met the Deputy President's Office, Jakarta, Tuesday (which included my grandson, he hit.) Cucu, my sister also met. 1/29/2019).

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He also said, in preventing being & # 39; Given dengue disease, community needs to be active too. Because, Kalla said, it is easier for people to reach accessible places into their mosquitoes nest Aedes Aegypti in their environment to be cleaned

In addition, Kalla said, the government will also provide services to prevent the prevention and treatment of dengue disease.

"It's the case that triggers the first thing. It is also a community, not just the government. A community must stop stagnant water in the ditch, because that is the source. Places that are vulnerable, pity, "said Kalla.

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"It's just the people who have to stop it. The government is sure to prepare medicine facilities," he continued.

Previously reported, there were five sub-sections in Jakarta with the extent of people (IR) of hemorrhagic fever (DHF) in West Jakarta, South Jakarta and East Jakarta.

It is the IR that counts the events of every 100,000 people that are used to measure its & # 39; proportion of dengue details.

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Higher than the IR number, higher than the numbers.

Jagakarsa was named as the department with the highest number of 19.27 IR, followed by Kalideres (16.94 IR), Kebayoran Baru (16.54 IR), Pasar Rebo (13.93 IR), and Cipayung (13.57 IR).

At the same time, in another town, Depok Health Office noted that there were 314 people with Dengue (DBD) contingent fever from January 25 to 2019.

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