Fortnite & # 39; preparing for a snow storm


Millions of Fortnite players are looking forward to the great royal royale event. Epic Games has already provided information on what we see in the coming weeks, and, as is expected, everything is going to show that it's going to take it. The company has a winter season to look like & # 39; map changed.

According to recently discovered fNBRLeaks, which is constantly improving news about Fortnite, a snow storm will reach the land, suddenly, & # 39; maybe before Christmas.

FNBRLeaks can verify that the sounds are different according to the space of its & # 39; map. At the end, we will definitely see all the vision that is covered in the snow. In addition to this discovery, the players themselves have realized that the strange clouds have appeared to the south of the Flush Factory. Discussing previous events, let us know more information in the coming weeks.

Epic Games has already benefited from all kinds of season to mark their special events. Halloween Fortnitemares gave and said calmly by one of the most exciting experiments they saw in Fortnite. Christmas is a very important event that will not be lost. Can we see the most spectacular produce?

Two days ago, Winter Royale, competing for a limited million million dollars in prizes, proved. The first phase will start on 24 November and the finals will be held in two different countries: November 30th and December 1 in Europe, and will be 11th and 12th December for North America. It will be next year when your competitive venture is extended to other countries in the world.


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