Fortnite allows users to bring together accounts – Gaming – News


Users with two Fortnite accounts can now be connecting them, allowing V-Bucks and cosmetics to be shared. Several people have two accounts because the PlayStation 4 version did not work previously with other platforms.

The ability to name it census allowance on the Epic Games publishers website, which also explains what the conditions are; there. An account created on Playstation 4 and an account used on Xbox One or Nintendo Switch can be linked. PlayStation 4 account must also be used by 28 September last year.

Users can choose the two accounts they want to hold as a prime account. By linking the accounts, users, among other things, can buy the V-Bucks or decorating items. However, the items will be held for two weeks after the merger before they come to the user, and Epic Games indicates that everything is not moved.

Several counters created two counts, one for their PlayStation 4, because they did not; He can cooperate with the other platforms at the opening. As a result, PlayStation 4 users could not be able to; play each other. The end of September came to an end here, after Sony had given permission.

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