Fortnite reaches 200 million registered players


If there were three copies of the Battle Royale game for everyone in the UK, STILL would not respond to this number

Fortunately Now there are more than 200 million players worldwide.

It's hard to believe that the Ruic Ruadh playoff was released slightly over a year ago, and is now available on each platform well, including handhelds. The milestone – which is equivalent to everyone in the UK with their game on three different tools – which means that there are 125 million games in addition to a recording since Epic recorded the number of registered players back in June, a 60 per cent increase.

It has been helped by the developer secure bills in additional funding and the establishment of new offices throughout the world, recently in Australia and New Zealand. The Deputy Chief of the Australian Games Development Association (GDAA), Anthony Reed, said he had declined to work with Epic Games and although Reed did not expand the plans at Epic, or what role his newcomer, promised to have "a lot of news" in the near future.

After his recent career in South Korea, Fortunately also be affected long-term game of 8.3 million connected players. The Sung Chul Park Games Director of the Epic Games announced the new record, reinforcing the high upsets; The previous record of 3.4 million connected players.

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