Fortnite v6.31 Paper Notes – Team Teams, Totgun Pump Historic & Legendary, and more


Closing time for Fortnite. Use v6.31 starting at 4AM ET on Tuesday, November 27, 2018. Check the Notes below Paper!

Park v6.31 provides the Rumble Team Team, the Epic & Legendary Pump rod, and more.

Join the sport in the New Time Limited mode or add it to the most important things for Pump Shotgun. Submit R.O.S.I.E with the most recent Constructor for the first time and the Valley Canny 2 Act will; come!

Team Rumble LTM (Roy Royale)
Are you ready for Rumble? Be the first team to kill 100 enemies to win Victory Royale in the & # 39; this Limited Limited mode.


Shotgun Pump Epic & Legendary (Roy Royale)
Find out the new legends for Pump Shotgun and threw enemies down with these new powerful tales.


New building (Save the world)
Airheart came and gave a friend! Enter the Rotating Omni-directional Sentry Integrated Exoskeleton (R.O.S.I.E.) rotary chamber for yourself or helpers to bring water to disrupt the enemies that are infected. come in!


Six Feet Under Svelhal (Save The World)
Tail your fear and dig a graveyard for your enemies by the earliest available weapon! Even Husks are a & # 39; enjoy proper burial.


The Canny Valley 2 Act (Save the World)
Finding securities and searching confidentiality in the Canny Valley 2 Act which was long expected! Party up with your favorite Heroes and jump into adventure now!




  • He set up a case where the management guide was inaccurate when it was inactive; trying to contribute to a friend.
  • He set up an accident on PS4 that happened when trying to leave a party by hand while he was in a while; go into another party.

Known issues

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