Fortnite will add a new skin based on a 8-year competitive design


One of the most recent skin for your character in Fortnite was produced by an eight-year-old fan, and although American players just end up a hill of horses, -mem to go to hen.

Back in September, Connor, the player of Fortnite, got his father his picture into his own idea on Fortnite's skin to the Reddit game of his game. The name "Cicken Trooper", the picture was simple, but it was repeated by fans who wanted a chicken in the game.

Reddit users helped to turn their & # 39; His concept to more detailed artwork, and surprisingly, the idea of ​​a bird met with Epic Games.

As part of the "Play Fowl Play", the skin – what the Epic called "Defender Tender" – can be purchased for 1,500 V-Bucks, and the distinctive Flappy Flyer and Scrambler items are available for 800 and 500 V -Bucks, individually.

The skin shows characterized tissue shoes, red pebbles, and many feathers.

"You've done his day. It's funny lasting," said Connor's father in the Reddit post. "You yourself became the most humble people."

The latest latest update for Fortnite was a moderate wild mode in the West West as well as the dynamite thing. The Ralph game-it was also featured in the game last week. You can read more about all the updates in IGN's Fortnite wiki.

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