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As you know well, today, Epic Games shows a new sandbox mode of Fortnite, with which we can create our own islands and play with them with our friends. In order to make this enjoyable experience, a set of rules was made public on the official website that all users need to follow.

The question list is still incomplete, so we need to be aware of any renewal, as if a game breaks down these rules, the development team wants us to report, or we will notify to support for the player The following rules are:

1. Give respect to other players. Unrestricted language, hate speech, hate, spam and other harassment or other inaccurate behavior will be restricted.

2. Keep our information safe. By sharing its & # 39; We count with other users, we will put in danger.

3. Be friendly and fun!

In addition to these basic procedures, they also leave us a second list in which they are; describes what we can do and not in terms of its game:

carry out

  • Make known recognition. Fortnite is fun and welcomes all players.
  • Pay respect to other players and have a great deal of impact and loss.
  • Keep our information safe.
  • Play fairly and follow the rules of their game.
  • Use the official names in Fortnite for all weapons, clothing, points of interest and items.

do not

  • Accommodation for harassment of lecture, gimmicks, spam, harassment, discrimination or other illegal conduct.
  • After many spam
  • Create or display pornographic content related to Fornite.
  • Copy the copyright or trademark of Epic Games or other third party.
  • Promote or participate in games related to Fortnite.
  • Take part in any action that is completely unlawful from the game or from any player, in a single-line judgment of Fortnite.

What do you think of new game modes? Remember to follow the rules and have fun!

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