Fortunately, Myanmar coach is still strong that the game is with Vietnam


Speaking after the opposition against Vietnam, Myanmar Co-Communist, Antoine Hey, said:This is our third game, I'm proud of my team. In today's game, we have three opportunities but we can not take advantage of it. We celebrated its game on 24 November with Malaysia more important than today. So many players need to break, we're not injured, a player needs to be punished. "

The team's home games appraisal against Park Hang coach, the Myanmar captain told him totally satisfied with the result of its game. Both teams have access to & # 39; win, many settings have a lot, the game is very good. This means Myanmar is confident before the match against Malaysia.

"Our work now has been prepared for the next game for a good achievement like this," said Myanmar coach, who put confidence after his game.

Myanmar is still firmly guessing Vietnam's light on the 201 201 Cup A - Picture 1.

Myanmar captain was pleased with student achievement. Photograph: Hieu Luong

Analyzing his opponent in today's competition, Antoine Hey said:Vietnam has a strong team, with a strict defensive attack. There are many lion players. Today we also have a situation that can solve its game but we can not take advantage, whether we are satisfied with the results.

However, he will not forget to watch out for his players when he's going to do it. They would have to pay attention to the players: "We have to leave this game back. Fight and focus for the next match against Malaysia."

Coach Antoine Hey also thinks of the Myanmar team in the group group when it's Ascertaining the importance of each game is completely different.

"We know what happens to us, we know we'll win to the top, but if we miss we need to compare the secondary scores with the same team. In this game Some of our players like Aung You are as well as the first game in our competition. We have long-term competitions and competitions. I am currently involved for 5 Outdoor players & # 39; box, ready for its match against Malaysia.

Myanmar is still firmly guessing Vietnam's light on Cup 201 2018 - Picture 2.

Myanmar Team also does not like its Vietnam video due to & # 39; and they are still challenging challenges in Malaysia and their last trip. Photograph: Hieu Luong

When reporters asked if his team was fortunate to not miss his / her. Today's game, Burmese captain replied:We're not lucky, I'm happy with the product today. As I said at the beginning, we do not value its & # 39; This game with the game against Malay due to & # 39; It has been winning Vietnam but is still in a position; stopping her lost. We may meet again in the final and I am the strongest team. "

The Myanmar team's final match against Malaysia on 24/11. If he defeated Malaysia, Antoine Coach will have the opportunity to compete with the top of his; board with Vietnam. In the last round, the Park Hang-teacher teacher met Cambodia on the Hang For Garden 24/11.

Myanmar is still firmly guessing Vietnam's light on 201 A Cup 2018 - Picture 3.

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