In a few weeks "Bird Box" is one of the largest productions that watch the Netflix stream platform.

The tape tells him A story about a world is immersed in a wave of great slaughter, that would have been created by a strange creature.

However, the secretly for the movie by Sandra Bullock It was the likeness of those monsters; there.

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Bullock had given some information that explained the creatures, who did are listed as "green men in front of a terrible child".

"It was a snake, and I thought: I do not want to see it when it's & # 39; happening for the first time. Just gave it. Take the look. & # 39; I'm switching and it's like this (to grow)"said the actress.

But Bullock's response caused astonishment among the fans of the film, since then his actress said that "he made me laugh, it was just a long-term child".

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To solve doubts, the The visual artist Howard Berger published images of the monster and according to the screenwriter, Eric Heissere, his & her; First impression to include a scene in which the creature is a. appears to Malorie, the character of Sandra Bullock.

In the disappeared view, Malorie would meet a person with a neonato and a child's face, but the effect was not affected; the monster caused as expected.

"It seemed like a snake, but I did not want to see it until they recorded the scene. When I see it, he was fishing for me, but the only thing he did was a smile, just a gloomy child, "said the actress.

Look at the image of its mystery creature below:

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