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TALE technology, which scientists have recently introduced some high quality medical and biotechnical applications, have recently covered the CRISPR technology, which provides the same requests with ALL PRESIDENTS, but it is easier to use. But TAP protests are able to add additional games, which may help them return, they say at the Chemistry Institute.

A team of scientists in Slovenia has discovered that, when the two TAHA printers are linked to the nearby sites, which are on the left, with the DNA a & # 39; go out of the TAA protein, which is on the right, but not again.

"Imagine a series of small chairs with one sitting on one seat. If you sit on a chair on the left of the person who is already sitting, this chairman is too small for you, so you are A national defense that needs to go up. This person may normally be back and you should get up, and in the case of TALE, This does not work in one direction. The TALE profile on the left can protect the one that is attached to the DNA on the right. This is an example of molecular cultivation design, found in the search and we find it can be used for other interesting reasons, "he explained the picture Roman Jerala, Head of the Department of Social Biology and Immunology at the Chemistry Institute in Ljubljana, which led to a study published in the science magazine Nature Chemical BiologySouth Westerly

Dr. Tina Lebar launches her research is very tough and so TALE, CRISPR and logic activities are attracted. PHOTO: Chemical Institutions

As well as highlighting the customization of # 39; Polarized cultivation, researchers have shown that this property of TAA protocols can be very useful for generating genera. Tina Lebar, the first author of researcher and post office researcher in & # 39; program group. Jerale said: "We found that we can take a further step. By adding to the third TALE PROCESS on the left, the right neighbor is to be removed, and enables the Protein must be attached to the extreme right. Equivalent to affecting sovereignty, not only do dominoes fall down. We have shown that This works even with five nearby, unexpected and very expensive AVAILABLE. We have discovered that this device can be used to codify logic work, such as OR, AND NAND, and # 39; it can control the response of human cells to external features and to operate information in cells. "

The focus-focused activity is more efficient and faster, which emphasizes the Chemistry Institute's research group, which brought back a year to; present a logic activity in human cells. It is an important plus benefit that this type of control of this generation is true. Compared to some of the other methods that have been used so far, with the depopulation equipment, only a chosen gene can be sympathetic, and a genius still exists forward, they explained.

Animation, how TALE works:

"The cultivation seems to be totally unique for TAP protein, and researchers are also used to re-add other DNA proteins, different to prevent the creation of the CRISPR format. CRISPR technology is a powerful engineer in molecular biology, which scientists mostly use for DNA target separation and gene gene activation. An important problem in this technology is a DNA vaccine in unnecessary sites . The cultivation device with TAA proteins can also be used to protect the genome against a non-CRISPR-resistant technology, which would contribute to a more secure and reliable generation, "write the researchers in a press release.

The division of copper molecules by connecting other molecules is one of the important natural principles, and this study may be important; The first case was when the molecular cultivation was designed and used for a completely new purpose. Researchers believe that this finding is important both in order to understand their approach; In order to complex complex molecular configuration in nature, as well as to & # 39; Increase the accuracy, safety and effectiveness of cell seders or the use of biotechnology.

What's in TALE?
The properties of cells and habitats grow largely to confirm the genome in which the DNA program is. The number of miles of gene activity is a control of phones that connect to DNA nearby. By using biology synthesis, they can be able to; Generation of genes by using the proposed proteids that are present; focus on the target range of DNA. Fifty years ago, scientists have removed the DNA recognition code for protocols known as the TALE (abbreviated for Activation-Like Effector Transcription) found in bacteria that pose plants. By recognizing its & # 39; This code allows scientists to scan to design and execute them; Preparation of PRO protocols that directly link to selected DNA series. By placing an appropriate protein habitat, TAV protein can be converted into assault or obstruct any gene, which makes it very useful for medical medicine and biotechnology, he explained the Chemical Chemical.

The research was supported by the Slovenia Research Group.

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