Four clubs of the Premier League can compete in the 1/4 round of the Champions League season in 2018/19. T


For the first time in eight years, three English clubs made the finals of the European League finals. At least. It is very difficult to accept this fact now. The Champions League has always been involved in major British football matches.

Very tired Manchester City. Schalke had received seven visitors

Summary of violent losses.

Regarding the regularity of proceedings from the Champions League, even the British were suspected of looking after football. Well, anyway, if they were deliberately pushing the European Cups to one side and creating the sales in European sports.

This was produced and, in the Champions League, this number of their clubs, which were 1/4 in recent years. T

2017/18 – 2 clubs (Liverpool, Manchester City).
Season 2016/17 – 1 club (Leicester Town).
Quarter 2015/16 – 1 club (Manchester City).
Season 2014/15 – 0 clubs.
Season 2013/14 – 2 clubs (Manchester United, Chelsea)
2012/13 – 0 clubs.
2011/12 – 1 club (Chelsea).

This, we remember, just about the finals. The second phase of the playoffs, which included, in 2010, for example CSKA went out.

From zero to two clubs. More often – the result is very bad. The contest lost with Spain in the episode of its synergies quickly, and eventually became the kings of Europe.

Ultimate success in the Champions League

The last time the result was, like the current one, for the English clubs in 2011 – eight years ago. Then the "spor" ran one goal, "Milan", and the "United" – "Marseille". The company which made the Chelsea.

This time the difference is that the three clubs cannot stop. If Liverpool beat Bayern out of the competition, there will be four 1/4 English teams, which are half as full of the team. Good application to return!

There was something like this in 2009, 10 years ago. Liverpool failed that stage and United with Arsenal got its second semi-final in England. Another way, Chelsea agreed with the winner Barça in the future.

In the distance for spring

If you try to aim for it, out of those four people, only Man City will want the victory of the competition. The main competitions are the actual Juventus and Barça.

Why not the rest? "Spurs" well in the tree, "Liverpool" to start their tour through "Bavaria", and "United" would have to send a greeting to the Champions League if it wasn't for magic druids in France t .

On the other hand, who needs independence when this kind of magic is found?

The example of last year of “Roma” has been forgotten for the Juve game in Atletico. Sergio Ramos in particular he received a card to go round the “easy” game, but at the end his club went to Ajax accidentally. The "MJ" is said.

Ronaldo is the best in the Champions League! Making a trick and dropping "Atletico"

Turbulent maids in Turin!

In this heroes, the feelings are coming to fruition, and you can only remember maths. Ironically, the Premier League has a bigger team of men than they have ever been in the last decade. And more than any other country in this rally. A bowl has appeared in Spain. Especially in Madrid, without any doubt she will return.

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