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It's been a long way ago last week, but it's sure. Airbus will have a stop on & # 39; creating the largest passenger air in the world by the end of 2021. Why is the world's largest passenger transport plan to the end? First, it is a simple answer. Required customers, Airbus named the decision shortly after Emirates reduced its original order. But why did the airline companies make that machine completely? We looked at the situation in a more detailed way.

1. Bad time
Airbus came to the A380 market almost simultaneously with Boeing with his 787 dreamline. Later on, before Airbus's planning, the construction of a plane was delayed. Evolution has clearly shown which market planes have got better: although currently the users have been able to find out what they are doing. 14 months ago, A380 6 per annum. The development was completed on a completely different route: from air giants to smaller, more efficient, combined units with high performance such as, in particular, a range. If it had come into the market with a previously used device, it might be better than the prospects of success. Airbus decided on a large plane based on long-term statistics on the number of passengers, depending on the number of passengers who will increase every fifteen years. It was anticipated that the large plane would allow the major airports, which were overstated. However, the competition was bigger from the competition from smaller airports.

2. New lines between smaller airports
The expansion of a 787 or A350 two-engine plane has significantly changed air traffic: the importance of routes between medium sized airports. At the same time, passengers do not have to travel across London or Paris airports in Europe and, go straight away. These routes are not demanded as well as feeding the large A380. Like the long distance paths that can not be heard before, the slim size A321LR and 737 MAX8 will be added to even fewer people and it is easier to complete. This shows, for example, Air Transat, who has been & # 39; Coming with Toronto, Marseilles, Montreal and Basel from the summer. Plans are similar to the same TAP Air Portugal plane, which wants to fly directly through the Atlantic through Porta. Prior to this, travelers needed this route to go to one of the larger airports today. There is always a similar evidence in Dubai every day when they look up to the sky: the Dreamliner is from Qantasu from Perth to London; travel directly across the United Arab Emirates. A few years ago, travelers who traveled on this route were flying the A380 with a move to Dubai, and today they are going to travel. fly without traveling. In addition, air filling is less than convenient for aircrafts on many routes.

3. Price
International Willie Walsh International International Group had not been satisfied with the A380 recently and we would like to buy more of these planes. He only fired: high price price (the official price list of $ 445 million, Dreamliner about $ 230 million). However, Airbus has no chance to get too cheap: the cost of developing so high was the sale of the plane so much that he did not want to sell under the price and indeed finished the program. High production costs are for another purpose: Airbus has seen the whole project as part of European cooperation, so different parts are made throughout Europe and then made up in Toulouse and Hamburg. For example, wings must be taken from Britain, other parts of Spain.

4. Expenses and expenses
The development of planes has seen major developments over the last few years, especially the importance of aircraft and aircraft efficiency. None of these have influenced the A380. Although the new A350 or 787 models are made of common and clearer materials, making it less fuel, the A380 remains a reminder of time when air fuel prices have not been resolved. Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce said last year that it was cheaper to replace one A380 Dreamliners in the same way. The fuel consumption of each passenger is 34% lower than the A380 for the speaker (compared to Qantas, with only 236 seats in the breakdown, the difference may even be more more for other exchange rate). In the case of A350, there are similar differences. After all, more bearers have already been announced that they will be completed by the A380 after a 10-year rent.

Long-distance long-distance traffic across the Pacific Ocean to four aircraft with two engines due to the lack of two-fuel engine planes receiving the necessary permits to operate over a non-backed area in an emergency. However, the so-called ETOPS (known as Extended Action Performance Levels with a wide range) has been a major development. This has benefited completely from four aircraft. Initially in 2009, the Airbus A330 ETOPS received 240 minutes, and in Boeing 2011 for some 777,330 minute model. The four-stroke plane lost their huge advantage, with a current with a two-speed drive on long routes outside the back-up aerodrome.

6. Plains without turning goods
Boeing has succeeded in expanding the life of the famous Jumbo 747, and thanking his successful product version. Airbus has never been the product for its hardware and is not as technical as well. That's why he was looking for other customers in private. There is no hope that the A380 will be used as a reconstruction car, as is common in 747.

7. Unclear A380 Market
The A380 company has a special interest in rental companies. That's why domestic companies can stop buying these planes. Mail & # 39; An interesting first three planes after Singapore Airlines. Hi Fly was only one active, and the two ends ended on quiet parts. The ten-year-old bull is not a good news at a time when aircraft typically travel thirty years of production. "We do not see any market opportunity to use the A380. Already on the market for Singapore Airlines, no one wants, its & additional market after Emirates, " Qatar Airways leader Akbar Al-Baker said. What is so many uncertain market planes. The most common used for charter aircraft is, in the meantime, for example, to carry pilgrims to Mecca.

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