Four in the family are in trouble with heat with coal


Nhan (aged 35, Vinh City, Nghe An) was poisoned by a stomach, but is treated by Nghe General Hospital.

According to the doctor, on November 25, the hospital received four of his family in a hospital in a state of disorders, a sensation caused by poisoning CO.

The hospital knows that Nhan Nhan's new child is near a month. On the afternoon of November 24, the family burned coal and closed the door for all family management, including Nhan and his child with poisoning CO.

On the emergency route, his father would not give Nhan. After her first aid, Nhan and her mother were moved to the District General Hospital, 28 days; age to move to Nith Mham's Hospital.

There are many cases of poisoning, heartbreaking dead when they are south with coal in the room. Many people who do not understand they are causing CO to do so; feeling or hitting right in their sleep.

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