Four were suspended and died waiting for justice – 08/12/2018


Marilina Tolón gave a little more to leave the bowling road. She delayed to look for her coat and her friends. He spent five o'clock in the morning on October 8, 2001 and walked down on San Martin Avenue, in Puan, 160 kilometers from Bahía Blanca.

Everyone was moving to her & # 39; town. She left her family range for her study, living alone and got her & her; first place in school. Everyone who remembers his smile is innocent.

Those who knew her at the same time: from that night Marilina he went out.

Marilina Tolón was a teacher and left her post after her complaint.

Marilina Tolón was a teacher and left her post after her complaint.

"My daughter suffered, she was a happy girl, he was always at home, everyone loved her, and she did not want anything, she was a bad feeling , guilty or embarrassing, she had to talk so they could help her, but she did not want. I was inside, "remembered Susana, her mother.

Susana is 72 years old and is still hiding to talk. The Tolón family of Darragueira, a 15-kilometer rural area of ​​Puan. "Just at that time my husband had had the heart and she did not want to tell him. I felt guilty, shame, I do not know what I was feeling. At that time, only thought about leaving what was behind, the idea was that they had all covered with money. I do not know that, but the complaint was made and nothing happened, nothing was done. Then We never told the truth Father Marilina, even now, "explains his retirement.

The doctor's health appeared from abuse and died after a stroke.

The doctor's health appeared from abuse and died after a stroke.

They did not know when Marilina was 25 years old, that night in 2001, four men in the city attacked her and, despite her fact, she confirmed The experts gathered the abuse and the evidence they came from, they would never have been formally stated.

"There were a different way of dealing with these issues, and today we know there are other resources to bring forward the investigation, but at that time, the procurator who had the reason He did not find elements to challenge the people heard ", they succeeded in the public prosecutor of Bahía Blanca, who did not receive" relevant evidence of the breach " , the purpose was not punished.

The survey lasted just over a year, since Marilina complained, on October 17, 2001, to December 2012, when it was recorded.

Marilina marked four men, 18 years old. He was only asked to give evidence. The three adults they did not even step on their claim.

The penalty had been in peace with the people of Puan until 13 October 2018, when Marilina died after ACV died. It was days after the 17th anniversary of the fight. Those who knew her said that she was living with a problem, anxiety, accident attacks, catches and diseases that did not go wrong; they can prove. He has never been able to teach again or have a partner. He left Puan and disappeared in the field, with his parents, not to return.

Marilina died without justice but left a mark.

"The people were not willing to address what happened, the people were scared. They were said to be powerful. But they did not have money to pay for a lawyer and her no one heard him, not Justice, or Police, or people; town. When Marilina died it was a need to go out and say enough, "he tells Clarin Karina, a neighbor of Puan who took part in the parade in which she was born. hundreds of legal neighbors ask for a day of death.

Cledi Cano, cousin Marilina and one of the people responsible for the victim, told him what they did: "In the town the convictions were woke up. Disability of the person who fell silent, he heard something and did not say anything, to the people who knew it. Here we all know each other, we know who we are, we are see each other all the time. And Marilina was a harsh blow. That demand is for everything else that needs to be, and that's still in anything. "

Marilina had gone out once again with Néstor, a young man from her home, but she did not want to find out more. He was from a "good family", he went to school and night he put it on Ibiza Disco.

Marilina Tolón left her teaching post and went to her family range in Darragueira.

Marilina Tolón left her teaching post and went to her family range in Darragueira.

Marilina said that he was not often the first time to go to; dance with her friends.

Néstor was found in the bowling road but she refused. Around 5 he went home to walk but, as Marilina declared in the police station and No. 1 of the finance with Christian Long, he continued in his Peugeot with colored windows . I went slowly and down the window. I followed her. I asked him to have gone up, he had been on.

Marilina, again, said no. I was scared and – later explained – it was right.

In the meters the car stopped suddenly. Nestor got out, took her with her arm and sat down in the seat of the passengers. He quickly accelerated and locked his doors.

The story comes from the court file and what Marilina could tell her friends.

She was "very strange and frightened," she said in her statement. He said that the house had been solved and put it into an emergency and that he had "set the room straight away, and struggled." She said that Nestor was "in her throat, thrown on her bed" and she was a threat: "If you write, I'll kill you"he said.

When she heard voices from the other side of the room door, she thought they were helping it, but what was worse. "Stop, stop! What will you do?", the owner of the house told his friend, who killed Marilina who was spoiled in bed.

She thought he would help and shout. But the attacks made their mouth cover. Néstor's B & B; The first one that challenged him, Marilina told the police and the procurator. Two minutes later, the second one, who had already been compensated. After the third. That's a quarter.

Marilina said. He asked help and got beat. Doctors and private experts they leave evidence of the injuries: slopes on the coffin, on the brackets, on the legs.

When they finished her, she was one of her invaders who brought her home. To the day – said – they went to "ask forgiveness".

Nine days passed until Marilina was combined and he was able to report the crime. He went through psychological experts, doctors and statements in the procurator's office and police station. In those hours, Puan knew everything he had suffered.

On the same day of Marilina's death, around 600 people moved for a proper application. (CAN GUIDE TO ALL INFORMATION)

On the same day of Marilina's death, around 600 people moved for a proper application. (CAN GUIDE TO ALL INFORMATION)

The country was boiled and the 2001 legislative elections made the introduction to the crisis. In Puan there were other accounts in the accounts: someone to make ballots with the names of the accused and discharged in every school.

"The votes, Viola de Puan Party"; "Lack of crime"; "Because they hide behind a surname, because parents need to be quiet so they can not express their children, because women have a right to have relationships with who she wants to be rape "; They said the leaflets that were circulated all over her; town and deposited in the polling bills.

"Her husband gave her to the doctor, she was shoeing and crying, we talked to her, let's tell her she had to make the report," said co- grandson of Cledi.

"People did not say anything about the incident, but you can see that they were present for I was buried by my daughter and they were already in love; doing a parade, there were many people. I do not know if you like all this, maybe. If I had tidy up everything, I would have been discharged from that horror, a & # 39; pain without. If they had a penalty for those who did it for him. I do not know … I'm going to; think people are now more alert, they are living there and something like this does not happen. They left my own daughter only, "and Susana closed.

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