Fourth Anodolou Efis! – Basketball – Euroleague


Their work at Anodolos Efes in this year's Euroleague season has been celebrated!

The Ataman team moved from troublesome Bundtusnasta headquarters (84-91), as had been foreseen, and in conjunction with Barcelona escort at Bayern Munich, it won 4th place and the playground for goal.

In particular, the Turks reached 18-10, the Spanish fell into 16-12 and because Efis was recovering and in the middle of the gun, in both of the remaining two races, the data for their t the fourth situation of benefit.

In terms of disorder, Efes did not have any particular problems, with the difference in the score that did not tell the truth, because he was "cleaning" the early game. Only in the first minutes of the game did a good difference begin (2-10) and despite the efforts of the home (16-19) team, the season was closed at 19-27.

The Ataman players have been pressing the chance later as a result of the attack so the Montenegrins can't follow. It is likely that the Turks sent more than 50 points in the half-time, building a difference of more than 10 points (40-53).

The game came to an end when the highest price was reached (44-64), followed by Boudutsnoz, just taking normal opposition from the opponents (84-85). 91).

It was the first person to receive Michie guests with 18 points and 6 points of support, and Plaisis (16) followed, Danton (14), Shimon (13) and Bobuas (12).

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