FOURTH OF SUMMER SUPERMARK A widow Bahata Milosevic drowned anywhere and went on to follow WAR PIUNDS.


a new EPA RAS photo Srdjan Suki, Marko Metlas, Emil Conkic, Milan IlicPhoto: EPA / Srdjan Suki, Marko Metlas, Emil Conkic, Milan Ilic / Serbia RAS

It is notable that the former President of the JUL was a former president of the JUL and, in some cases, a shadow ruler of the criminal system, the president of FRY, Slobodan Milosevic, whose wife was unknown. Everything she did in the past, without her "pirates" and loyal supporters from state structures. And all is accused of him.

In fact, these people in the places where Milosevic-Markovic's couple were appointed might not be appointed, so it was expected that all the opportunities would come back. Indeed, of course, for explaining the suspicion of being involved in some political killing, differently from buildings, smuggling … all of this, t indeed, the bloody babies, in which state security (DB), many organizations and services, media … t

Today, Mirjana is not far from the “sound” that rises round her, plucked in the big city of Moscow, Barvihija, where it is obvious that she is not a pensioner (58,000 dinars), and security security.

The Appeal Court took the decision on the first instance where a custodial sentence was imposed for a year to cause members of government commissions to provide illegal sentencing. T of state-owned buildings in 2000.

Mirjana Markovic Photo: N. Raus / RAS Serbia
Mirjana Markovic

Although Markovic is "far away", she likes the rich and dangerous policies of the person who has died, which are not found to be the property of Serbia, friends and friends living in Serbia, t some of these have different senses and courts. Some go from "the century", and some are now ministers and members of the ruling party.

Drawn Hadži Antić

Perhaps the friend is trusted, according to the acknowledgment, is still in communication today, and builds her pension each month, which alerts to Moscow, who was a director of "Politika" Drawn Hadji Antić. In media reports from previous years he showed that she was still in contact with her, saying that it was a little woman and that she lived well …

Hadži Dragan AntićPhoto: Promo
Hadži Dragan Antić

Many times, on behalf of Mirjana Markovic, he applied for the pension of president Slobodan Milosevic, and said that she had also allowed care of Tolstojeva's house in her situation, explaining that Markovic was on the horizon. "It's not strange that the Russians have betrayed the house …"

Interestingly, Jard Amsterdam was also hired for a time, and his trial for the murder of Ivo Pukanic Antic both appeared as a witness and a friend.

The first person to have "Politika" played heavily in the hajka which was eventually run against the journalist Slavko Curuvija, who was last killed and one of the people involved t this murder is Mirjana Markovic.

Mihalj Kertes

The former Director of Customs and Excise, and a chief Socialist officer, are now members of the NHS. He was charged with trial of misconduct, for which money was sent to Cyprus, for which he was convicted of no execution, but was condemned to help kill four members of the SPO on the Ibar main road, and it was also found that he was also taking part in the trap of the alleged crime in the DB. He was given the sentence.

On the other hand, she was dropped from charges about smuggling of cigarettes by Stanko Subotic Canet and 12 others in 1995 and 1996, as there was no evidence of this. Because of cigarette smuggling, a pre-criminal procedure was held against Mira Markovic and her son Marko Milosevic, among which Kertes spoke about the phone calls she received from that connection.

Mihalj KertesPhoto: Igor Jovanov / RAS Serbia
Mihalj Kertes

In his testimony, he said that Mirjana Markovic often called by telephone and wanted the materials to be admitted to the company, which was respected by her son, without loss of control, t to keep the lorries under control. .

He, like Mirjana Markovic, was raised in the same case for posing illegal rooms. Although he admitted that the place was "commended by the main governmental authorities", the complaint was dismissed.

Filipovic Fića dragan

The old DB officer also referred to himself as a partner, but also organized some political crimes during the lifetime of Slobodan Milosevic. However, it is no longer identified in any convictions.

Also known as Mirjana Markovic's great friend, and in the books he wrote after retiring, he was not in secret as to have been sent out with his counselor. It keeps in touch with it today.

Slavko CuruvijaPhoto: Danilovic Dalibor / RAS Serbia
Slavko Curuvija

As Blic wrote at the time, Major Fića, as he named, was the Deputy Chief Executive of the second Administration Administration at DB and advised the Head of Service Confidential for “Special Operations” . He emigrated from Serbia to Shanghai in 2003, during the "Saber" campaign, and was also a bond and friend for the accused in murder of Slavko Curuvija.

At a meeting arranged by Markovic, agreeing with the murder of the Daily Telegraph, Filipovic, as well as the other four opponents of the journalists – Radonjic, Radomir Markovic, Ratko Romic and Miroslav Kurak. The only one to avoid the conviction.

However, it is said in another case – four members of the SPO were on the main Ibar road. At the trial on this, he was informed, among other things, that Filipovic with Milorad Ulemek Legija was on a car near the scene of the crime. Ulemek, in addition to Radomir Markovic, was sentenced to prison for this crime, even though Filipovic was not blamed.

Radonjic Milan

It is one of four accused persons for the murder of the journalist Slavko Curuvija, who was arrested about five years ago. Serbia's media once wrote that Mirjana Markovic had just been raised and that he had made progress in State Security, so at the time he was also head of the Belgrade Revolution Service, t in addition to the assistant to the end of DB.

Radonjic MilanPhoto: D. Milenkovic / RAS Serbia
Radonjic Milan

It was found that Radonjic commanded Slavko Ćuruvija's follow-up action, requesting ten-minute reports, and his orders came from JUL's head office, led by Mirjana Marković.

According to performance data, Markovic arranged a meeting on which he was agreed and the culprit of Curuvia was agreed.

Ten days before it happened, the JUL Steering Group session, Mirjana Markovic, called Curuvija as the main state enemy, blamed the bombing, telling him "the people will be judged."

Radonjic was accused of killing and destroying the murder of four SPO officers, but was condemned for want of evidence. She was also released from the costs he helped in trying to make Vuk Draskovic murder in 2000 in Budva.

One of the close partners was the current military Minister Mirjana Markovic, Aleksandar Vulin, who left JUL at one time, where he was speaker and deputy Mire Markovic. .

Miri Markovic does not often speak, but once said: "I don't think there is any reason why Mirjana Markovic should not return and that the Milosevic family in Serbia should continue to lived like everyone else. "

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