"Fourth yellow" Sabeco landfall in 12 years?


Over the last ten years, Hai Ba Trung, Area 1, HCMC quadrature 2-4-6 price has increased 10 times.

History of the state's capital stock is deducted from Saigon Saigon Partial Stock Company (Sabeco), land design with 4 faces over 6,000 m2 based at Hai Ba Trung 2-4-6 (Area 1). , Ho Chi Minh City) always come into the estates development scenes.

There are four faces on this ground of Hai Ba Trung, Thi Sach, Dong Du and one that faces the Linh Me Square, which is considered to be the unique land that remains in Ben Nghe Ward, HCMC.

Over the last 12 years, along with the lively development of the Saxon CBD (Business Center) of Saigon, this quadrangle has been different in prices as well as law. From land that Sabeco has rent for a long time, this building became a "superintendent" when planned to invest in a distinctive complex of Saigon.

In 2006, based on Sabeco's latest news evaluation results, VND735-760 billion was valued. If measured according to the highest valuation point, Hai Ba Trung's landmark is 127 million per m2.

By 2015, Sabeco Corporation will set up a capital to establish the Sabeco Pearl Joint Stock Company with 4 shareholders to invest in the official commercial project in this gold quadrangle, bringing the earth's value up to 9 years. According to the audited financial statement in 2015, the total assets of the Sabeco Pearl exceeded VND1,018 billion (which included VND997 billion billion land use rights and other costs).

If the value of the earth is equivalent to the total assets of Sabeco Pearl, by 2015, to the theory, the price of the Sabeco gold quadrangle ground has moved to 166-170 million m2 per square meter. But, indeed, at this time, Hai Ba Trung's market price 2-6-6 has a marketplace; approaching 900 million per m2.

By 20 November 1818, according to the valuation of the Biggee.vn estate value, land prices Hai Ba Trung Street is the highest of 1.13 billion per m2. The Thi Sach street price is also a top cost price of 1.29 billion dong per square meter and Dong Du's premium is about 1.28 billion dong per square meter. The average cost of these streets at Ben Nghe Ward also changes in the range of 932 million VND to 1.2 billion VND per m2. At this price, 4-4-6 Hai Ba Trung value VND6,800 billion worth the value.

At the same time, depending on the estimate of an estate expert, if the normal land price is situated at 2-4-6, Hai Ba Trung's gold ground is one billion per m2, and at least 20% The total value of a & # 39; reach VND 7,200 billion.

Distributing the Sabeco repository in 12 years

Hai Ba Trung, quadrangle Golden 2-4-6, Area 1, HCMC. Photograph: Tu Khoa

Huynh Phuoc Nghia, vice president of the Ho Chi Minh Home Economics and International Marketing Department of the University of Ho Chi Minh City, has regard to his faithfulness and asset base; Related to the state, only for commercial, plot 2 -4-6 Hai Ba Trung has many opportunities for valuation prices.

This is the precious bird that remains at the heart of Ben Nghe Ward, HCMC. Standards: positioning, connection, scale, quadrangle shortage is at a higher level.

But, indeed, over the past ten years, the value of this earth has been underestimated. Mr Nghia explained that there was a maximum price cost of VND1.3 billion per square meter, from VND127 million per square meter to 2018. Over the last ten years, the land price of lots 2 -4-6 Hai Ba Trung has expanded 10 times, increasing one point per annum.

This increase rate is usually comparable to the Business District Headquarters (CBD), which is not equivalent to the & # 39; The Golden Sabeco Querangle. Even this increase rate is far lower than the range of land prices throughout HCMC after many land fever in 12 years, he said Nghia.

According to this expert, it is necessary to confirm the gold ground of Sabeco for a total valuation board to measure a very clear amount of property in accordance with state standards. In addition, it is estimated that it is possible to & # 39; make rubbings, make sure they are insolent and fair, and Helps land centers to handle the & # 39; best value.

Mr Nghia also added a few options for how you would value the gold position in buildings such as 2-4-6 Hai Ba Trung. Accordingly, there are four factors that must be considered when this is evaluated square.

first of all, decide on the overall value of the surrounding area to compare the value of land pots. Second, identify the ability to connect multi-media infrastructure, such as: road connection, waterway, rail (metro). Third place Feng shui: wind direction, sight (sight) to run directions, near the river … Fourth Consider the size of its item, size of & # 39; the project.

In these four aspects, the size of the pot should be given special attention. With a space of more than 6,000 m2, the position of a 4 facade arch, located at Ben Nghe Ward, is a better advantage of this square, as the size of more than 6,000m2 is large enough to think be achieved. architecture, high buildings.

It should be noted that a long-term ward of Area 1 (identified in Area 1 from 1975) in Ben Nghe Ward, which is associated with many monuments and buildings historian in Ho Chi Minh City. , there is a benefit on a boat and there is not much empty land.

The expert advised that he had consulted in many valuation qualifications, in the context of shortages of land, greater the size of the earth, the higher than the commercial level, often considered. The foundation for the creation of added value for the building of the place is the place from gold to diamonds. "This is similar to the size of diamonds that significantly increase its value," said Nghia.

For example, a small area of ​​land will add a breadth of more than 2,000 m 5-10% of the beneficial value. Land areas in the CBD area of ​​3,000-4,000 m2 or more will be added at least 15% of the value. With its assessment of the advanced level of estate size, the Hai Ba Trung 2-4-6 larger than 6,000 m2 is located at Ben Nghe Ward, which has no vacant land, at least 20- Add 30% of the added value.

Deputy Head of International Affairs – Marketing, University of HCMC Economics, and reporting that the shortage of monopoly and its incentives will inspire. asseting an asset price price. Therefore, the value of the Hai Ba Trung 2-4-6 quadrangle will continue to improve with the future development of the Saigon center in the future.

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