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"Bloomberg" said that due to the demand for poverty of the iPhone demand, Foxconn, a subsidiary Hon Hai Group, aims to cut the cost of 20 billion yuan (about 2.9 billion US dollars) in 2019 According to a working memorandum within Foxconn, Foxconn's main reason is to believe 2019 is a difficult and competitive year for the company.

According to an internal memorandum, Foxconn attempts to cut a RMB 6 billion cost in iPhone business in 2019, which reduces the cost of non-technical staff by 10%, and the statistics are about 12 Foxconn months to show that the last 12 months The company cost is $ 206 billion (US $ 6.7 billion).

As published by Bloomberg, Foxconn did not comment on the news.

Recently, the market has no doubt about an iPhone application demand, and the negative weak statements of Apple have already hit the stock of Apple stock and fell into a market market. On Tuesday (20th), Apple stock price (AAPL-US) again decreased 4.73% to 176.98 per share. The dollar was closed, a low low impact in the second half of the year.

Apple stock record of Apple (the only show in the last six months)
Apple stock record of Apple (the only show in the last six months)
The slow demand for the iPhone is to complete the supply chain?

Bank Wall Banking Goldman Sachs has a drop-off target price on Tuesday (20th), Apple Goldman Sachs target price to $ 182 per department, and Apple's stock has been slower with doubts about demand. The reservoir has reduced its target price again.

For example, American Merrill Lynch Bank (BofA) will reduce on Tuesday (20th) the Skyworks Solutions (SWKS-US), Qorvo (QRVO-US) supply chain, Cirrus Logic (CRUS- US) slice supply provider; As long as the manufacturer of Lumentum (LITE-US) image sensor and Apple's iconic device has recently published the largest 3D sensation device in Scotland recently reviewed.

Taiwan stocks were also introduced by Morgan Stanley:

In terms of Taiwan's stock, foreigner Morgan Stanley's mayor also warned in a recent report that Taiwan's stock had been "destock" in 2019, and indicated that they would lower TSMC (2330-TW). The target price of 11-piece controversial sources such as Hon Hai (2317-TW), Kecheng (2474-TW), Heshuo (4938-TW), Jingke (6510-TW), and Taijun (6209-TW).

In the research report, Morgan Stanley said Taiwan stocks have three major problems, "that is:

  1. Current market funds, which are currently emerging, are & # 39; Emphasis on iPhone demand in consumer markets such as India.
  2. Following their resignation, the demand for iPhone purchase on a Chinese market has also declined. At this time, a Chinese market accounts for about 20% of Apple money.
  3. Ping stock dates are growing.

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