FPÖ Partnership: Abwerzger was re-elected by 98.7 per cent


Innsbruck – Challenge against Tyrol, at federal level with the ÖVP: For the first time, the leader of the Liberal parties, Markus Abwerzger, tonight at the Congress in Innsbruck-Igls stood up under the political situation. And he was, as expected, the proverb "gmahte" Wiesn, because in his third view after 2013 as the only candidate, Abwerzger gave up 235 of the 238 votes cast – that is, 98.7. % – three years ago it was 91%. overtaking this vote of confidence.

The 44-year-old lost the biggest ambition of a government partnership in Tyrol in the previous year, despite benefiting more than six per cent in the state election. But that was not an issue for the party's conference. Instead, Abwerzger wanted to exhibit himself as a challenging leader. As a black and green addict at the next state election in 2023 from the saddle.

“The force predominantly opposed the challenge, the FPÖ of the express train,” encouraged his officers with 6500 members that the number of members had doubled, and the party has also failed to meet the challenge. debts from December 2017, abolished Abwerzger, FPÖ Federal Party Chairman and Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache Rosen "You are the most important man in the Austrian Party in Austria", Abwerzger thanked the Vice-Chancellor.

The banner attracted a flag band and the sounds of Schlager drag Abwerzger and Strache to fold them into the hall.

The banner attracted a flag band and the sounds of Schlager drag Abwerzger and Strache to fold them into the hall.

– APA / Groder

He was a critical critic of the war trenches of LH Günther Platter and the ÖVP. And the Greens are also raising money in a black-green state government. "We are too strong and uncomfortable." Abwerzger's black omnipotence, which he wants to break, refused in the country. "Because my original ambition in 2013 has not yet been met," he added. The ÖVP follows a man in Tyrol from the cradle to the grave. But following Abwerzger: "This country doesn't belong to the Tyrolean People's Party, I don't want to end a decision."

The suggestion for turkey-blue reforms at federal level ("I'm glad the federal government is also driving the country") calls for Abwerzger to understand that he is rejecting politics t and the Tyrol. Surrounded by flagpers, the band Vill-Igls and under the tunes of Hannah pop singer she moved in. Meanwhile, party leader Heinz-Christian Strache mounted his Tyrolean party friend on the Federal.Of government course, but the last points of freedom with runners on the right are Strache a. Doing the same thing from the few days left: "We won't have to be pushed into the real right corner, that doesn't work." red and white-red redevelopment project. “With the good and constant work, we are confident in the crowd, so the nerves in the others are empty.” The truth is that the FPÖ can benefit from the government in four elections, for the Straws). T clear demonstration.

In some ways everything was made up of blue harmony inside, but with political competitors attacks, FPÖ wanted to put reflection in the debates about the # 39 days. went away. In the end, European Seamon Othmar Karas ÖVP received the freeze. Strache said that it was "the eu central EU" that works "the government". In the end, the election to the European Parliament is on 26 May in Austria. "Who is behind the government course, it is up to Austria to strengthen the red-black system in Brussels." (Pn / TT.com)

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