Fracture can be detected, FaceTime may include noise and destination. Even if you still do not answer them DroidSans


Apple After joining the work after the news that there is a breach or danger in FaceTime, the voice of someone else can be heard at the destination without responding. This caused disturbance to some users because they were a privacy unsafe feeling. Now, Apple is already aware of the problem. It disappeared right now to fix the problem immediately

According to the news report, it appeared that the error was found in the draft iOS 12.1 Last updated last year with users of the FaceTime group via iPhone and iPad to hear the end sound of the line although it was not answered. By trying to solve this problem, you can try to find someone through the Contact list and click Add Person by clicking on " go into your mobile phone number. It will create a convener, which will allow us to hear at the end of the # 39; Calls, even though there is no answer yet.

Apple solved the problem by & # 39; allows FaceTime service to accelerate the problem and the problem. What does not indicate when it ends By saying only that it can be resolved within a week But the best way now Stopping to use FaceTime is the first to add Apple the problem.

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