Fran García Huidobro was a Temucano woman


In this new chapter of Foreword, the journalist Alejandra Matus He went to the survey to discuss the report he wrote about the allegations he had made against the offense Tito Fernández (See note here). In this context, a telephone call was made by Lu Rivera, wife of Temucano, to protect her husband all the time.

Due to this and the attitude of women in the interview, Francisca García Huidobro I'm undoubtedly trying to face it. The arrested person was asked and asked Rivera to question his words, especially because the woman responded to her questions to behave Fernandez.

During the sick phone message, Julio César Rodriguez and Fran García Huidobro They tried them Lu Rivera He explained situations about his particular marriage, but the woman left the questions and questioned the animators.

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