France 3 Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes – Documentary: Loïc, seropo unseen t


Loose, 26, decides to go to exile in London. Nearby her native heritage, Auvergne, it's free to live alone in this cosmopolitan city, away from the eyes that are sensitive.

Banned in this vibrant and exciting capital, an awful advertisement stops his motion: LoCh has negotiated a HIV contract. It is what it means. AIDS, we know its name, but in 2018 we're no longer afraid. Until you fall.

The movie is currently entering Loïc's privacy when his life changes. Highly modern evidence at the heart of real young, gay and HIV-HIV.

This documentary, as a diary, will continue with the arguments of LoCk and the steps in a new life. He's not sure he gives his friend, his best friend.

After the cave and the denial comes the first runner-up: the end of a sex, the party, the cigarettes – out and then the start of healing, pain of effect, soul, tiredness, heavy House. What's more, there's a fear of a disease that we can't see, that we're thinking under the skin, in the blood, as invisible evil that affects every place.

Recorded close by, Loïc takes everyone against her first step with HIV. Armed with new weapons and adding to his new standard, he re-orders a group that has been overseas but, within, there is still a problem. How and why do others tell? Especially for lovers in the world, for parents.

The time it comes to dragging it takes turns. Communication of messages is today, at its best, to silence in cooling, the worst for aggressive responses.

Back in the country, Auvergne, his descendants are set to face his greatest fears, and may tell how he was secretive to his parents in the city. How are you free from shame? The guilt affects the body, the camera joins this journey back to the front steps of the family home.

The secrecy at the end of bills, does he eventually go over and stop them?

>> Documentary by Iris Lebrun
>> Representation: Wild Horses / France Televisions / Pictanovo

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