France to cut nuclear energy trust by 2035: minister, European News & tallest stories


PARIS (REUTERS) – France is aiming at the volume of electricity that nuclear users have to do; Bringing 50 per cent from 75 per cent now by 2035, Environment Minister Francois de Rugy said on Sunday (November 18).

The French government has long defined plans to reduce the country's dependence on nuclear power to 50 per cent, although the deadline for these goals was not as clear.

It is expected that the government's long-term government renewal will be released later this month, and # 39; explain more precisely how it will bring the nuclear sector into power generation.

De Rugy said 2035 was the time the government remembered.

"That's not the date we work," he said in an interview with several media on the television by CNews.

De Rugy was appointed by President Emmanuel Macron in September after his post, Nicolas Hulot, rescuing an eco-public activist, retiring his appointment as a & # 39; Feeling of responsibilities weak on environmental policy.

The care sector also includes energy remit.

The new environment minister said he expected fewer French nuclear immigrants in 10 years, although he did not detail the number of EDF plants that the state had to do need to close.

De Rugy raised more doubts on Sunday for plans to build more plants using European hard-hitting design (EPR), after questioning whether the new generation of reactors was practicable.

"What is the future of the nuclear division? Does it include EPRs? Without an open question today, because the technological, security and competitiveness of EPRs has not yet been confirmed," he said.

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