France to pay co-operatives back in the fight against support and name


Cost the block condoms of key companies such as Durex or Manix at 2.60 euros ($ 2.95) for a box of 12.

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Cost the block condoms of key companies such as Durex or Manix at 2.60 euros ($ 2.95) for a box of 12.

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The French government said that it would be part of the French government that it would be an unusual step in replacing quotes bought by a lawsuit to counter the spread of HIV and other diseases to sex.

The amount, made by Eden condoms covered by a French doctor ordered by a doctor or midwife, was announced before the start of AIDS Day on Saturday.

Produced by Majorelle's laboratories and sold only at pharmacies, the costumes of main brand segments such as Durex or Manix at 2.60 euros ($ 2.95) for a box of 12.

They are the first one to be agreed for repayment with the French national health authority, one of the smallest in Europe to do so.

In a statement, his company named the story as "giving a strong signal that is a sexy toy but a" real and essential impediment mechanism "in the conflict against disease that has been sexually attracted.

In July, a health study examined chlamydia and gonococcus – two common STIs – traveling in France between 2012 and 2016, with a particular influence of 15-24 year olds.

The study showed that the rise was a result of people being able to; betrayed to "a greater number of partners with the uncontrolled use of a condom".

Ask why it was & # 39; branded for Majorelle, which was set up in 2012 with the potential to be a " reducing inequality in access to health products: "We're the first to find".

Chlamydia issues rise

Agnes Buzyn, the health minister who is a doctor of training, has been disturbing her & her; pose a risk to the spread of HIV among young people who support it.

Approximately 6,000 HIV cases of HIV disease were confirmed in 2016 – down by five percent from 2013 – bringing the number of people who have a living with her virus in France to more than 172,000.

Buzyn warned that young people were increasingly "using condom the first time they have a species but not in later situations."

Majorelle said that a survey showed that 75 per cent of young people used more condoms if the cost was covered by the state.

He said that the state would cover 60% of the cost of the condoms and it is hoped that health insurance providers would bring up the rest.

The announcement was announced by NGOs involved in the fight against HIV / AIDS.

"It's good news in anything that can stop," said Florence Thune, chief of the president; society of Sidaction.

"There should be no financial obstacle, no matter what," she said.

"There's another string on our bow," said Caroline Izambert, a campaigner at the HIV AID prevention group.

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