France was concerned about Mbappé after Zidane's return


With Zidane's arrival in the Real Madrid band, France is worried that Kylian Mbappé is playing with idol zizou.

EFE | FRANCE.- Return Zinedine Zidane to the dock Real Madrid that the fears have begun France that it can make a huge difference to the nation's star Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) Kylian Mbappé convince him that he had signed the Spanish club.

Only two days ago, the French attacker solemnly named it in the program Téléfootditch TF1 that it is "safe" continuing the next season in PSG.

But at that time "Zizou" was not yet the coach of Madrid. When the French returned to Santiago Bernabéu, they reopened the attempts in the French media to make Madridista try and act as a “crack” in the future.

"Hazard and Mbappé, aims, ”is a sports newspaper newspaper newspaper L 'epipe one of the wide parts he provides from covering the “almighty Zidane”.

For the newspaper, the coach has obtained certificates from the president Florentine Perez that you may create your template, and that Mbappé was the selected option, in the payment for the feeling left Christian Ronaldo"

L 'epipe he even gets so long not to fight "that it is written that one Mbappé day comes to the White House, which surprised childhood", though that time is he tells, a priori, not to come.

The general newspaper Le Parisien, usually very informative within the Paris club, he learns about the return of Zidane as "Everything but good news for PSG"

However, this means that Madrid could promote the network Neymar more than Mbappé, because he thought for now "nothing gives them out"Among the young youngsters in charge Spain.

Remember that the Brazilians are an old dream of Florentino Pérez and "he never stopped the rumors he put in Madrid."

Despite the attraction that Zidane may be working on future signs, French media will obey "a coach connection with the world's biggest club," as "L & # 39." To write it in Egypt.

Gu Le Monde, the "close-filial" relationships in which the Pérez and Zidane union have been certain, which watch over the loyalty to the Madrid club, are well above that normally found in a ball world. to walk.

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