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A woman has been living 99 years with organic and rare medical members

Rose Marie Bentley's, an American woman who lived 99 years with this rare paradise, was given an address at the annual meeting of the American Anatomical Society.

A portrait of Rose Marie Bentley.

"I have the spleen
Who was silateilate?
I have a
What is wrong
I have my womb
Who gets in … "

Rose Marie Bentley may not have used the crazy song I'm not doing well, created in 1932 by Gaston Ouvrard. This 1918-born Waldport (Oregon), a hairdresser, a swimming enthusiast, a mother of five, had suffered from situs inversus with levocardia.

This rare infectious condition, with the main viscera and organs (excluding the heart) is turned back to a contrasting setting compared to the general conditions – the left-hand side is the right hand side and on the other hand – it was found in this woman. 99 years old, dead on October 11, 2017, lying on an autopsy board at the Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, which she presented her body.

The issue of this patient with a very long life despite the rare legacy of this decline in life expectancy, was presented at the 2019 annual meeting of the American American Association in Orlando (Florida). T .

Diagram of Rose Marie Bentley's organs suffered by levocardia "situs inversus", that is to say, keeping the heart on the left.

Low life expectancy

The search was made in spring 2018 by medical students at the University of Portland. After opening the chest of this unnamed group to explore its core, CNN Warren Nielsen tells a medical worker that the vena cava should be on side alongside the student. right of heart, absent. They warn their teachers, surprising at this simplified context of a practical exercise. They then opened the belly cup again and found out that all the other members had been turned back.

a & # 39; situs inversus levocardia affects only one in 22,000 births. This disease usually causes a serious heart disease. “She breaks the first week of movement, between 30 and 45 days, without anyone knowing why.explains to CNN Cameron Walker, Professor of Anatomy who took part in the search. t Only 5 to 13% of people own it situs inversus levocardia lives over five years. To this day, the longest living patients were 73 and 75 years.

Cameron Mackintosh described his own response and that of the students as "A mix of curiosity, interest and desire to explore the slightly greater mystery". The teacher estimates that the opportunity has fallen on such a case in Mme Bentley.

There had been Bentley on three organs of organs - including a piper - during his lifetime, but only the surgeon who carried out his ecology on the unusual site of the vermiformis had been disclosed.

Rarely life

Rose Marie Bentley, who lived at Molalla, 40 kilometers south of Portland, or her family did not understand that she was suffering from this ecology. Lead her ordinary life. Her only physical problem was that she suffered from heart disease, a flaming feeling from the stomach block. While in the 50s, Mme Bentley suffered a hysterectomy (removing the uterus), and the doctor also wanted to perform an appendectomy (subtraction of the appendix) … but he did not find the organ, in memory of the the daughter of Louise Allee, who states that the action is done later.

Oregon University found out Mme Bentley had been on three organs of organs – including a piper – during his lifetime, but only the surgeon who completed his ecology of the unusual site of the organ was revealed.appendix vermiformis, this small wilderness with a woolly form set at the beginning of the large mouth, and usually situated on the right-hand side of the mountain.

Rose Marie Bentley's daughter says that her mother and father would have been happy with this search. He was James, the husband of Rose Marie, who died about fifteen years ago, who had the idea of ​​producing science after reading a poem from Noel Test. Mary Rose then decided to do the same, like her three daughters.

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