According to a German survey, the euro would have been a major damage to the French

According to the European Policy Center, the French and Italian countries are the most vulnerable countries to accept the euro. Everyone in France would have lost 56,000 euro over the period 1999-2017. And it's a & # 39; Germany and the Netherlands are huge winners.

German tanker is very important to support interesting ideas … or euro applicants, depending on the perspective. According to a review of the CEP, the European Policy Center, entitled "20 years of the euro: losses and winners, empirical research", the monies would be largely unconnected with some countries which He has given to others, including.

The center is part of a Liberalized Liberal Liberal's heritage inspired by Liberal. The chosen approach is to think about a change in GDP for each country, which accepts that the euro was not. The projections were made by reconstructing economic access to algorithms, based on data from countries outside the euro area. The tank states that the impact of independent economic events has been strengthened.

Deficit from 56,000 euros to French

According to the CEP, it is indeed the German who is a huge winner in the euro, with an additional 1893 billion euros for GDP, over the period 1999-2017, I earned a total of 23,116 euros per annum . head. The French won almost as much (21.003 euros), and its first wonder, the Greeks would not have been in the & # 39; suffering from the euro (+190 euros per capita from 2001). He asked to clarify this incredible result, CEP economist Matthias Kullas and Die Presse pointed out to Greece, in fact, the euro has benefited from the success of the first, and then to be killed by the economic crisis from For Germany, no wonder: the country uses the euro, more sustainable than the Deutsche Mark, to produce its highly valuable materials .

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Then start a list of losses. Although Spain and Belgium have not seen the GDP drop of each person (-5031 and -6370 euros), the Portuguese have more difficulty in the single currency (-40,604 euros per person). And France and Italy are the two most affected countries, which have lost 3591 and 4325 billion euro in excess of 20 years, or 55,996 euros per French and 73,605 euros per Italian. So, the global equation, on the scale of the European economy, is quite negative.

The value of the valuation proceeds

Regarding the two red flavors of the ranking, the European Policy Center describes the importance of the # 39; is the economic policy machine dead by adopting the euro: the reduction. Since the end of World War II, France and Italy were indeed the use of depression of the French and the liraur several times to support their competitiveness. Use of many advantages and problems, which was used for the last time in France in 1986, directly for the French counterbalancing against its German signal, protecting the exporting companies. Since using single monies, the governments of both countries are now unable to compensate, and according to the CEP, they have not put forward economic reforms to make it more effective, and benefit from the euro.

Instead of giving advice to France to control his money and so do it; completing the end of the single money, the tank emphasizes the importance of the # 39; structural improvements to the economy and the state: "structural reforms now have to be". In order to provide a personal idea of ​​the French economic policy: "to take advantage of the euro, France needs to continue with the reform path Macron President," the inspection is completed.

The French GDP curves from 1999, in blue with the euro, and in orange, without the euro.

The French GDP curves from 1999, in blue with the euro, and in orange, without the euro. cep

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